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And so it went on every time I came there, later I myself began to play along with him, and then he witnessed and masturbate, since the place was deserted, in the end, he was the first who could not stand it, approached me and asked me my panties, so I met him! Of course, when my husband came home, I was surprised why I was in a bathing suit, and when I told him about this incident, he did not believe it at first, and asked to go to the beach with me.
We arrived there a little earlier than I came, I was afraid that

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he would see that I was not alone and would not work, and it would turn out that I had deceived, but he came, I went to him and told the story to my husband, to be honest, he I was even happy, but on that day no masturbation happened, my husband met him, hinted to him what would happen to him if he touched me, and we left.
Two days later my husband went on a business trip, and I went back to my place, he was already there and brought a beautiful set of underwear with me as a gift, but asked me to put it on myself, and he would masturbate at that time me.
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