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Making a traditional angel.
And the body is – God forbid.
Perhaps this is the best small tits that I saw.

Thin but smooth, without corners.
Come on, come on already !!! She was seated at the mirror, covered with a towel in front, and for the first time in her life, Katka put on a face to make-up artists.
Brushes, pencils and all kinds of dabs were running down her cheeks, eyelids and lips; invisible hands began to ruffle her hair, and immediately sharply smelled of perfume.
Her eyes burned through her bare back and ass, and it seemed to her that a hot draft was blowing between her legs.
Her pussy flowed from shame, and the chair under it was sticky, as in jam.
Ffuh! Twenty minutes made you.
World record! Dad do not forget to tell.
And thank God that he gave you such a face and such a body.
In the hair do not climb, otherwise the crow’s nest will be.
Besides you, we still have fourteen pieces! At this “ball without glamor” fifteen models at a minimum, and this is only through our studio.
From Stix and from Susanna Svinina there are at least a dozen more.
But you, girl, will furnish them without options.
I know how much in this life.
Dima said about you.
And even if I did not say.
It is pleasant to do such material.
Not for your daddy tried – for art, remember !.
Vasya, and there is still some kind of piggy from a jeep, says, like, that she is Kate.
Well fuck her! So what if Katya ?.
So, come on, come on, girl! Gone! In pace !!! She was taken out of the dressing room, led along a dark corridor and pushed out into a gilded door.
Katka took two steps by inertia – and froze, blinded by the brilliance of thousands of suns shining in the stucco height of the hall.
All her life Katka grew up with the conviction of her own ugliness.
It was supported both in school and in the family, and Katka did not even wonder where it came from.

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Her glasses, as she remembered herself, were for her a symbol of herself: clumsy, angular, “wummy”.
And suddenly.
Katka would have decided that she was being pissed off if she had not seen herself, made up, dressed and combed, in a mirror.
The feeling of her own beauty was so unexpected and sharp that Katka almost burst into tears.
The stranger from the mirror twisted her soul like a wet T-shirt, but the ball and tears did not match, and Katka straightened her shoulders, looking into the glittering hall.
He was clogged with colorful dresses, over which frightened heads of their hostesses spun; here and there black and white silhouettes of gentlemen mobilized from the ballet academy flashed.
The waltz struck, and the couples rushed straight to Katka, who did not have time to fit into the action; having suppressed bewilderment, she went to the columns, where there were quite a lot of girls who could not find a gentleman.
“Straight Natasha Rostova,” Katka thought of herself, “Bolkonsky is not enough.
“Bolkonsky did not take long to wait.
The first round of the waltz was over, and a black and white silhouette separated from the dance of colorful spots: My homage! We are bored? Pppp
not yet.
But it does not depend on me! And from whom? From the one who has not yet introduced.
Wow !.
Okay! Khozireny, – he bent in a mocking bow, then gave her his hand: – You can just host.
Let me invite you to the Waltz Tour! I allow.
She spoke and moved as in a dream — only the habit of wit, acquired on the net, saved her.
So I already kind of invited.
Poorly? I will try again.
– the silhouette broke up and suddenly snarled in a bass: – Rrrrazrashityte prokryglasit you.
Do not growl like that.
I almost made a puddle.
Wow Such exquisite ladies can do puddles? Only when such refined gentlemen roar on them.
And you, I see, do not put an elbow in your mouth! Yes, not worth it.
A waltz, and a silhouette.
Katku circled under the heartbreaking roulades of violins.
She danced no worse and no better than her contemporaries

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(dances were studied in her school), but the Host led her in such a way that she suddenly choked on her intoxicating circling drunkenness.
A warm hand imperiously embraced her, almost naked — no panties, no underwear, in a strange dress alone — and Katka felt strong warmth through the fabric.
What have you got? Book? Wet? From tears? Magic, with spells.
If you behave badly, I will turn into a toad.
Better in the turtle: they live longer.
So how do you say your name is? Marusya? Sow? Dina? Dina is not my name, but my neighbor’s cat.
But still? All the same? Well, let’s say, Adele.
Adele? And this, let’s say, is not your blog on LiveJournal – “Gimp from Adele”? 3gp online sex movies.

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