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My moans grew quieter and lower.
Then her hands began to work closer to the bottom of my stomach, dangerously picking up to the pubis.
Our eyes met again, and she smiled mysteriously.

This made me understand that she knew exactly what she was doing.
This was supposed to be my reward for bringing such a terrible enema.
Now her hand was right between my legs, stroking her pubis.
I felt one finger go into my vulva and search for my clitoris.
She moved her finger back and forth, and with the other hand moved the intestinal tube in me with the same rhythm.
I turned my head from side to side, feeling that my nipples tightened and my vagina was very wet.
She was breathing harder, bringing me closer and closer to the inevitable climax.
Soon, I threw my head back and stiffened, feeling that the loins exploded in ecstasy and the flow of juices increased, like a volcanic eruption.
Involuntarily making a strong push with my pelvis, I screamed, “Oh God!” Emilia, you and I shared a lot of intimate secrets, but I have to tell you that this was probably the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced. Animal sex free online video.

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