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I humbly spread her legs and felt his hard cock.
I was so wet that he entered quickly and easily, instantly taking me to the heights of pleasure.
I screamed because I could not hold back ecstasy.

He moved constantly changing pace: now faster, now more slowly.
It extended our enjoyment.
I stroked him, then scratched, licked and bit his neck, rushing under him in frantic pleasure.
He caressed my breasts and thighs, and soon began to work like a wound: I fucked and fucked me, hard, powerful, to the squeak of the bed.
I didn’t know where he had so much strength, my ends, he fucked me, and I squirmed and moaned, found myself in the sky and, screaming, drowned in orgasm.
At the same instant, I felt his warm, heavy sperm jerking on my stomach and chest.
I felt his dick and helped, caressing.
For even long seconds I, moaning, smeared the sperm over my skin.
And he lay beside him, sweating, breathing heavily and kissed my neck, shoulders, arms.
And then I took a shower, got dressed and left – almost without speaking to him.
I decided that this moment should freeze like this today, and we will leave all the discussions for later.
But there was no “later”: my shift was over in a few hours, and he left that day.
When I came to work after three days – three days of constant thoughts about him – my shift manager gave me an envelope: “This is for you from 408 number”.

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In the envelope lay a thousand dollars.
I rubbed my red eyes.
A few steps away from me, as tall as my shoulders, dressed in a strict uniform, stood asari and looked around cautiously.
Military? The officer? Doesn’t she know that I am forbidden to work for government structures? – I was interested in your services – she answered in a businesslike and calm tone.
– Yeah, well? – I roughly pulled it out in a drunken voice, and leaned forward, the old one leaned closer to her, so that she would hear me better, if before that the music was in her way – From what.
did you take what I want for you? Azari assessed me from head to toe.
Judging by the expression on her face, my rudeness and demeanor did not embarrass her in the least.
“Uh,” she said, feeling the sharp smell of alcohol. “I see that you are not in the mood to communicate today.”
“Yes, I’m ugly with you, I never had the mood to communicate,” I thought, not answering her question out loud.
– Let’s do this – switching attention to your tablet and having performed several manipulations on it, she again turned to me – I gave

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you the coordinates of my apartment on the Citadel and transferred a small amount of credits to your account.
I hope they will be enough so that you can put yourself in order.
Come tomorrow at ten o’clock.
Without waiting for an answer and without saying goodbye, she turned her back on me and hurriedly headed towards the exit, leaving me sobered and confused, looking at her next.
And what was it now? On the day when I was left without money, an alien woman comes to me and gives me a loan, provided that I visit her tomorrow.
Is it already recruited me somewhere? Here in the bar is a hidden camera, can I smile and wave a pen? If not, how did she know that I had no money? Best cam for chaturbate.

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