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I tried to catch up with my orgasm, but I understood that I did not have time.
However, Sasha showed nobility, without getting a member out of me, and without turning off the vibrator, began to pull at my clit with my fingers, and after a few minutes, I squealed through the gag and huddled in the third, for today, orgasm.
And so, when I was lying, all helpless, defenseless, bound

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hand and foot, with a vibrator in pussy and falling, recently finished, a member in the ass, this traitor, this egoist, this dork.

In general, without taking out my already drank member, from my back hole, which he so brazenly used, Sasha managed to turn off and take a vibrator out of me, and then, suddenly, I felt something hot being poured into my ass.
At first I was taken aback, not understanding, and Sasha only pressed himself closer to me, pushing his process more deeply into my hole.
Oh, if I was not connected.
But he had foreseen everything, brat, and now he urinated with impunity right inside my raped ass.
So no one ever humiliated me.
Hot liquid wandered in me, looking for a way out, tummy pouted, and he kept pissing.
Finally, the stream dried up, and Alexander said: “You’re just a clever, and now try to squeeze your ass so as not to throw me, and I will free you.”
I really wanted to be free, if only to tell him everything I think about it.

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Therefore, when he got out already completely limp member of me, I honestly tried to squeeze the ass.
Of course it did not work.
sprained with cork, and then sex, a little ring, simply did not shrink, and from me immediately flowed.
I do not know how he managed to bounce, so as not to get dirty, his eyes were blindfolded, but his pants remained clean.
The camel blanket “bit off”, the whole body was numb and sore, the cheekbones cramped, t.
the gag did not allow to grit the teeth.
Pussy ached and itched after a good fuck.
The ass also ached, it pinched, plus something continued to flow from it.
Well, still, my ass hung from the trunk out, otherwise it would still take away everything.
I was humiliated, broken, trampled, fucked, and humiliated again.
In general, everything as I love.
But still, I began to cry for self-pity.
Sasha completed.
made a promise, took off the bandage, took out the gag, and without unleashing me, began to wipe the face dirty with saliva, saying: “What are you, stupid?”: Having wiped, he began to soothe and kiss my face, wiping tears.
For a couple of seconds I stopped sobbing, and said: “I want to write.”
I really only half past the hour and thought how not to piss off.
“So write,” he said.
“I can’t do that,” I roared.
– Then do not write.
– I want-oh-then write.
– untie and and pee – untie.
And I had no choice but, as he watched, followed by a satisfied grin, trying to squeeze something out of myself.
The call of nature still defeated shame and embarrassment, even though it was not easy.
When from both of my holes that were suffering, they stopped flowing, Sasha untied me and threw wet wipes.
I quickly wiped them where necessary, I smeared the reddened holes with a healing cream, and slipped into the heat of the car.
She also managed to shudder while the trunk was open. Big boobs spy cam.

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