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The tongue reaches first one nipple, and licks it, then the other.
– Do you like how I lick them? Olga asks.
– Highly! Tatyana answers.

“I envy you, I can’t do that, but seeing is even more fun.”
– I can both at once! With these words, Olga squeezes her hands with both breasts from the sides.
They are big and, when she lies on her back, they try to blur all the time, but she brings them together.
This is not always possible the first time.
Here and now.
It is necessary to squeeze them so that one nipple pressed against the other.
Now she did it

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, though, her nipples are not so tense anymore, and they don’t stick out so much.
– But still! – They leaned against each other, a little awkward to do it lying on his back, but Olga bows his head, between plump buns and tongue touches both nipples immediately, he squeezes between them, leads around the nipples.
And now her lips have reached, and she grabs both nipples at once.
Tatiana looks at her, breath can not be held, it is pulled out of her, her mouth is open a little, her eyes shine, she dug her hands into her body, and lowers her face between her open thighs.
Sticks out the tongue and with one movement conducts from the anus to the clitoris, once more! Hands holding her legs, fingers just dug into them! Precisely marks from the nails will remain.
Licks all her holes.
– There is nothing better than your language! – Olina’s words make Tatiana push herself even deeper into her crotch.
She breathes so loudly that Olgina pysya feels her breath, she is buried in her bosom, and her tongue is dipped into her after the breath.

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A little jerk off the clitoris, again rushes into the depth of the vagina.
Her cheeks are wet from her juices, she is so hot! – I’ll finish if you fuck me with a finger! – No matter where! – Shoot and I will finish in a minute! Tatyana’s hand rests on her vacant breast, slightly pinching her nipple.
A finger of the other hand I spend on Olginoy crotch.
– What is the hole to choose? Tatiana thinks.
And she gently holds on the crotch, as if teasing her.
Stops a finger in her squishing hole, and slightly enters it.
– Not! Not! – In the ass! – Right there, Tatiana abruptly takes her fingers out of the current hole and forces her all the way into her ass.
He begins to rhythmically move them in it, as if sitting on his hand.
After a couple of movements, taking out, add another finger.
The edges of the sphincter lick her fingers, leaving them moisture, its moisture.
The second hand pulls on the nipple, and with my tongue I jerk my clitoris with quick, precise movements.
– Fingers in the ass.
– Language on the clitoris, fingers squeeze the nipple.
– The language on the clit and circle around it native.
Olga often breathes, excited to the limit! Tatiana takes her fingers out of Olgina’s ass and puts it on her current pussy and presses it with force.
One finger enters the hole, and the other finger jerks the clitoris.
Just a couple of movements and her legs fluttered, with a moan, she squeezed her hips, holding her hand between them.
And Satla roll over on its side.
But four hands caught her in an instant.
She looked up, but that’s another story.
If you like it, write, and you will read the continuation in the next section.
How many stories about casual sex with unfamiliar people I heard! Lots of! But I never believed in their plausibility, I could not even imagine that such a thing was possible.
Could not imagine until she herself tasted the whole chic of it.
I’ll tell you more: In those days there was hot May weather.
I walked along the sidewalk, listening to music and looking at people with interest.
Everyone was so tired, exhausted, as if they never knew what carelessness was.
Thank God that in my life now there was a bright streak, otherwise I would be as faceless as all these people.
Lost in thought, I almost passed the building I needed – a bank. Bongo 888 sex live 772.

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