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Gradually, a tradition of the Ritual of Renewal arose around him.
“Only not this!” I screamed in my mind.

however, you will have to participate in it, do not blame me.
However, everything is very simple, you will not be confused.
– he led us along the corridor to the hall, in size – more than three of us with Kavya chamber.
– And how does the Temple relate to such violations of holy rites? Akaro asked, frowning.
When he wants, he can convince everyone of his dubolomism.
– He is far away.
To Galataras as much as – to the nearest farm.
However, a couple of times we had priests and priestesses, and they approved some changes to the ceremony.
We sat at a table similar to those in the temple of the Goddess.
We were served by a pretty minoyka bare-chested, distinguished by

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well-groomed and tanned skin (you rarely see this even among residents of palaces), and also by eyes-tonsils, which are supplied with insanely expensive dark green paint.
Hands are not scarred and not covered with scars.
I am a little tense.
– This is our guest.
By chance, she serves us today, as the tradition demands.
You still talk to her today.
– What else does the tradition require? – So that you have a light snack and go to the baths.
– Baths? – I was surprised.
Baths – a complicated thing.
A sign of prosperity, even where hot water – not uncommon, but something ordinary, self-evident.
However, this farm on the outskirts is so full of oddities – a three-story mansion dominating the neighborhood – a fortress (from whom do you need to build such power? Pirates? Do not make me laugh), a few baths, a luxury like the mentioned table and a rough fresco on one of the walls of the hall.

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– Yes.
One for family needs, the other – for the needs of the guests, the third – just three laps back built – for guests.
At the same time, when they ordered this fresco – he pointed to a relief image on the wall depicting three girls – a copy of the popular fresco from Knossos, slightly modified by an unknown author.
Now the bulk of the forms has become tangible not only in a high sense, but also in the direct.
– What will you give us? Asked Akaro politely.
The owner glanced at him displeased: – Torodo, you allow your guard a lot.
“He saved my life several times.”
– here I did not lie – we are practically brothers with him.
– On islands? – Yes.
– I lied.
– Where? – Serifos, five years ago.
“Five years ago, I did teach the laws of nature in the Zakros palace on the eastern tip of Crete.
But Akaro and my deceased brother were there – Long hike.
The owner grunted: “In my times, you did not climb that far.”
these places were considered damned.
As I thought, he was a sailor veteran.
In his declining years, he still dreamed of seeing the evening sky above the lonely sea, beautiful and disastrous Cyclades and beautiful, similar to miniature terracotta figurines of the Cyclades (one of his captives became a wife).
However, he remembered the unpleasant sides of the sea and cursed like a true sailor, recalling all his adventures.
– Well, I ask in the bath, – he came to his senses, when we, however, slightly dried out.
– Baths? – Yes, my son, – he turned to my “guard” – you will go to the guest bath, and the priest – to the family.
“- I fell.
Round, hidden under a canopy and behind thin walls round pools.
“Family” was the most ancient – the walls were obviously shifted several times, but no algae and other evil spirits were found – too good, though simple, like a hole in the ceiling, ventilation, and the water was always running.
I sat in the hot water and did not want more.
But Ameya, who was watching me, clearly decided to have fun and sent me – a sign, not a sign, another colorful fresco on the wall of life.
Hot water acted badly on my vigilance – I almost fell asleep.
I woke up from the sound of barefoot steps.
I slowly opened my eyes and saw the very minehaw that served us in the house. Camera inside of sex.

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