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Having had a quick snack on the cake (there was still no way to get any other food in the evening), I hurriedly went to the second floor of the house, to Mary’s little room, and found my pregnant maid completely naked.
The whole body of the girl was smeared with some sparkling oil, which gave Mary a truly exhilarating look.
With her black hair, the beautiful woman covered her breast heavy with milk, and her fingers caressed her lover’s member, who was purple from arousal.

Apparently, James – Mary’s husband – was very excited by this moment, because his breathing was heavy, and a shiny drop of lubricant appeared on the head of the penis.
The young man’s hand jerked Mary’s pussy out of which, on the sheets, heavy drops of juice slowly flowed down.
Silently greeting my beloved, I closed the door behind me and sat in the easy chair, set in front of the alcove.
At this very moment, Mary settled herself more comfortably on the bed and took the bare head of her husband in her mouth.
James’s cock stiffened, startled, and stretched out even harder.
Now he looked like a huge pin, able to pierce any girl’s vagina all the way to the uterus.

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Looking at such a huge organ, I vividly imagined how sperm that was pulled out of it literally flooded with

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the turbulent flows of the maiden vagina.
Having asked for permission from Mary, I sat on my knees in front of James and began to caress his rearing trunk with my tongue.
At the same time, Mary actively sucked the beloved head, skillfully holding the tip of her flesh on the very edge of the penis and shoving her brisk little tongue into the seed canal of her husband.
Feeling the new tide of pleasure, the man shuddered and tried to thrust a member into the very depths of Mary’s little mouth.
The girl could not cope with the male pressure, and the ruthless piston hit her in the sky.
My maid wheezed and burst out.
Excited cock left her throat, splashing out a trickle of viscous grease.
Having seized the initiative, I grasped the penis with my hand, which in turn was held captive by a pink glove and lightly held it a couple of times with the tongue from the root to the rim of the crimson head.
As James groaned, I realized that I was on the right track.
Opening my mouth wider and sliding my triangular hat to the back of my head, I began to inject the penis of a young man into my own larynx.
Having chosen the right angle, I managed to inject a member into myself and stopped only when my nose rested on James’s belly.
In order to give Mary’s husband extra pleasure, I began to saliva mixed with a thick male lubricant out of my mouth.
In the end, filled with lust and forgetting about who is the one-man owner of the house, the young man tore off my cocked hat, grabbed my hair and began to frantically stick my mouth on his spermizer. Cute sex cam com.

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