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I began to fantasize what I want a new girl.
I lay in the bathroom, one hand jerked off a member, the other fucked myself in the ass, and dreamed.
I have a new girlfriend.

We live in a rented apartment.
We study at one institute in one group.
She is a virgin.
I have never seen her naked.
From sex we only kisses and handjob.
When we kiss, I hug her back and that’s it.
Nor any caresses, especially lapana.
Before the wedding, no, no! But jerking always and everywhere.
I walk around the apartment naked.
I enter the apartment naked, undressing at the entrance.
In any public place she jerks me off.
And if possible, then strips naked.
Once in the park she decided to jerk off me, the place was not very deaf, but she still made me strip naked and started to masturbate.
A couple passed by us: a boy and a girl.
They held hands and mowed our eyes.
I blushed strongly, and she continued to jerk off to me, as if nothing had happened.
I finished in her hand.
She wiped her hand and my dick with a wet cloth.
All my sperm always goes either in the trash or in the toilet.
On top of that, she sent me for ice cream.
The saleswoman – a young girl – selling me ice cream, put my pussy on the counter, and at parting slapped me on my bare bottom.
Her two best friends and sister regularly see me naked, jerking me off, just grabbing my pussy, or pawing my ass.
One day she took me to introduce me to my mom.
She opened the door with her key, and we entered the hallway.
I undressed, they took me for pussy and led me into the room.
In the room were: sister, mother, aunt, grandmother.

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All naturally dressed.
In this sequence I approached each lady.
Each carefully examined my genitalia, even her sister, who had not once jerked me off, had not missed a chance to twitch my pussy.
Then I jerked off in front of him.
I finished on the floor, removed the sperm.
My sister took me to the bathroom and washed my puss after a handjob.
The ladies sat down to drink tea, and I naked served them naked.
Not one of them did not miss the chance to pull my pussy.
After tea, everyone gathered in the hall.
Now the ladies looked like my girlfriend jerks me off.
I was ready to finish both in dreams and in reality, but I was interrupted by a mobile phone.
I quickly got ready and went to Lera.
Lera came to some fashionable exhibition and stayed in the most luxurious hotel.
Shura, I instructed in detail, so I came in a suit and tie, with a large bouquet of roses.
I handed the roses to Lera, standing on one knee, and kissed her hand.
In the room Lera was not alone.
My appearance caused stormy emotions, but I was sent to another room to change clothes.
Black butterfly, black vest, black socks.
To the ladies, I came out with a bare pussy.
This caused even more enthusiasm.
At first I was just whipped, then I served as a waiter.
The ladies staged a continuation of the buffet: champagne and snacks.
While I served them, I was constantly twitching for pussy.
Then there was such a show: I took off my shoes from Lera, put one in my ass, and jerked to the second.
The ladies, sitting on the couch with champagne, looked at me.
I finished on the shoe.
He licked both shoes and put them back on Leroux, not forgetting to kiss the fingers on her legs.
Then I licked them.
Each lady finished twice.
And here is the final: the ladies

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undressed completely, hooked the strap-ons and let me go in a circle.
I fell asleep in the morning in the arms of Lera, with eggs in her hand.
In the morning I woke up first.
Although, probably, no longer in the morning.
Lera was sleeping on my shoulder, still holding my balls.
I gently released, slid down and began to caress her pussy.
Lera stretched sweetly: – Good boy: She finished, we kissed, she gave me a blowjob, we kissed again.
Food brought to the room.
It is not clear what it was: breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea.
We fed each other with hands and intimate places. Desi sex live streaming.

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