Drunk sex caught on camera.

Drunk sex caught on camera.
Looking down, Luba could see how the brown, covered member with grease and enters and goes out between her sexual lips.
Her pubis was covered with light short hair.
This blonde.

Lyuba moaned and sighed.
Her body was sweating.
My breasts dangled, and I increased the onslaught.
Suddenly she screamed and convulsions went through her body.
A wave of orgasm covered her.
She wheezed and I felt a convulsive contraction.

I sat and cried.
It seemed life was over.
We are no more.
He left.
I stayed.
What now? Where to get strength? How to live on? So many questions and no answer.
– Stop doing that! You cry like someone died! – tried to reassure Carol.
– It is my fault that he left! I could not hold! What kind of woman I am! I am not beautiful enough, I am not experienced! And he, he is incredibly beautiful! Sexual! I have never been worthy of it! Never! – the tears just flowed.
Carol watched and didn’t know what else to say.
She tried to console me, but I never heard her again.
We finished the second bottle of wine.
And I fell into a dream.
He – Richard – the handsome and best guy in our department.
Madly adore all the girls.
My first true love, first sex and unfortunately the first bitter parting.
We met about a year.
But six days ago, he decided that we should break up.
Why? Because of whom? Not a word in the explanation.
Just undress.
Sam called in the morning.

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is probably glad of our break and wants to console me as soon as possible.

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He has been friends with me for a long time.
I know that he treats me not just as a friend.
Sam, she can’t answer now.
Call back later.
No, I do not know and did not see! Close this topic! – my rescuer Carol responded dryly and restrained – Thank you, Car.
– Yes, stop it, dear.
You haven’t come to your senses for a week now.
What to do with you? Look at you.
So many guys from our course are running after you.
And you, besides Richard, don’t notice anyone.
– I do not want anything! Nothing! Only die !!! – You what! Stupid! Is it worth your death? Stop doing that! For a long time could with at least three twist.
And you are all to him.
– Carol has never been monogamous.
She loves sex and for that men love her.
Frequently sex parties she does not recognize a long relationship.
– Car, you do not know what he is! Is he.
Is he.
– Tears did not let me continue – Yes, I know everything.
And it’s good that you broke up.
If you knew.
– Car stopped and looked at me with fear.
– Caron, what do you mean? What should I know? Do you know why he left me? – No, what are you? From where – Care, what did Sam say to you? What I do not know? – was not going to retreat.
– How should I know? Sam herself ask.
Let’s go to college better.
You already miss a week.
Caron was right.
I somehow got together and decided to go to college.
I didn’t know how I could see him.
But I could no longer sit alone.
We went to a large audience.
The pair had not started yet, but the hall was filling a little.
It was the noise of student voices interlacing with the rustling of notebooks.
I watched and recalled how he sat next to me and during the couple stroked my knees, raising my hand higher and higher, touching my crotch and gradually penetrating into my fingers.
It was a pleasure with fear.
Fear of being exposed.
Exposed to all those sitting in this huge audience.
From this thought, I had a pleasant and familiar feeling in my lower abdomen and it became even more painful that I would never experience it again.
I shook my head trying to get rid of these thoughts.
My eyes fell on the incoming students.
Among them was he.
After a week of suffering, everything inside me flared up. Drunk sex caught on camera.

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