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The panties had already been taken off me by that moment, and the blouse had been pulled up almost to the chin.
Olya and Irina were not in a better form than me, because they also gave everyone a row.
Their lips, like mine, gleamed from the waffle, and sperm flowed from the pussies.

We did not stop for a long time and drank again.
Only at this moment we noticed that there are obviously more cadets.
As it turned out, when we started to fuck, some of them called friends and they didn’t fail to come running for “help”.
Cape girls drank wine all the same without adjusting their clothes and not trying to get dressed, as it was obvious that we still will have.
And in the ass you give? – asked one of the cadets, who was not with us at the disco.
Irina and Olya hesitated a bit, and I immediately replied that “yes, I give” and bent over with the cancer myself, spreading the buns in different directions.

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At first there was a hitch, as the boys began to think about where to get the lubricant, but quickly realized that there was certainly a cream in women’s handbags.
While the guys were busy with their purses in search of a cream, I was just a cancer with my ass open.
But then someone (I didn’t even watch which of the guys was shaking me) smeared my anus with cream at first slowly, and then realizing that the ass was working, I quickly inserted my device into my rectum.
I began to fuck a point.
Immediately again, someone’s dick appeared in front of my nose and I began to suck him, although I should rather say that they started fucking me in the throat.
Of course, Olya and Irina also did not manage to avoid the same fate as mine, because if you fuck one, then the rest are possible.

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Within a couple of minutes we were all three with cancer and we were pummeled from both sides into priests and mouths.
Then, without pulling a member from my ass, I was lifted up and standing back and the one who fucked my mouth put it in my pussy.
I felt through the septum as two young pistons walk back and forth in me.
Irina, too, was pounded with a sandwich, but lying on a bench.
Then the guys sat down on the bench and we ourselves approached them and sat down with our glasses on their members.
Then we were fucked lying on the benches, and then again with cancer, alternating holes.
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