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So when she stooped to open it and get her netbook, I could clearly see what was under her dress.
And I did not see anything except the bare halves of her ass.
Almost choking on tea, I still restrained myself and did not begin to cough, thus showing that I had seen everything.

In fact, this behavior of a young girl was cherevic to me.
And not because I’m a pedophile.
Everything at that time was just the opposite.
I just often heard from friends about such incidents.
They invite me to wait for parents of such little girls without a second thought, but they seduce them first, and then shout to the whole house that they are being raped.
Then the problems do not solve.
So at that moment I had to take a deep breath and prepare to endure all the misfortunes that had fallen on my head because of my kindness.
At this time, Dasha returned to the kitchen carrying in her hands the already running netbook.
After the problem was found and corrected, I returned the beech back to the girl, and this infection, in gratitude, quickly smacked me in the neck.
– Thank you, uncle Sasha! – She thanked me and sat down at the place.
– You are welcome.
– I answered as calmly as possible.
– Uncle Sash, can I ask you a question? – Asked the girl after a couple of minutes of silence.
– Of course.
– Do you really live alone all the time? – True.
– And why? – Probably because I like it so much.
– I replied, shrugging.
– But my mother does not like that.
– Sadly said Dasha, dropping her gaze to a cup of tea.
– And I do not like. Full video sex online.

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