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Coping with his throat, Nikita dismissed her as if from an annoying fly.
– Ay, damn it, stop it! I beg you.
She just works with me.

Yes, I now, to be honest, not to her.
– To whom, let me be curious? – Sister asked.
Instead of answering, Nikita leaned over to Kristina, and kissed her on the lips.
Inside, it was as if someone had pressed a button that literally transferred the entire body to an excited state

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As if injection into the blood of adrenaline.
Powerful thrusts reached the area of ??the heart, most likely preparing him to jump out of the chest.
In temples pounded like a hammer on the anvil.
Reason clouded over, brushing off all doubts and killing moral barriers in the form of principles, ethics, and even some rubbish.
The kiss turned out to be an adult, serious, hot, with the feeling with which an experienced lover kisses her lover who is hungry for him.
Light biting, gentle caressing, slow sucking is not at all akin to a kiss.
The most authentic French.
The girl looked up from the guy’s lips.
And, looking at him with a slightly bewildered look, she asked: “What was that?” Nikita jumped up from the sofa and took off his T-shirt, exposing a beautiful torso.
– Did you want this? Yes? You dreamed about it? In the meantime, having got rid of his pants at the same time, he sank down on the sofa, and suddenly wilted.
– What the fuck! What are we doing? BUT? Christine, it shouldn’t be like that.
We are relatives.

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“You did read it,” my sister said sadly.
– Did not keep his word.
Probably it would be foolish to make excuses now, Nikita thought.
Yes, he, in fact, did not want to say unnecessary words, absurd excuses.
Now, for the moment, only one thing worried him — a kiss.
This sweet, adult, meaningful kiss with his sister.
Lord, he sits naked in front of her! He had just nearly rushed to have sex with Christine! ”“ You know, ”the girl continued,“ I’m even glad that you found out. ”
I can’t do this anymore, you hear! The girl covered her face with her hands and buried herself in the back of the sofa.
– Chris, um, listen.
Let us calm down both and put everything in its place.
How painful it is for him to watch his sister cry.
And that quivering sensation of something unknown, new, which until recently settled in the chest, disappeared somewhere.
Now only pity, with a touch of sadness.
– What.
Slu-oo-oo-oo-ooze, – Christine sobbed, and lifting her head, looked at her brother.
– I tried to understand myself for a long time.
you know that I tried to date.
with guys.
So what? Me from them.
And the sister burst into tears with new force.
Nikita got up, got dressed, and sat down near Christina, embraced her.
– Calm down, beautiful.
Take it easy.
You know, I’m near.
I will always be there.
You are my little silly sister.
Stopping sobbing and raising her tear-stained eyes, she met his gaze.
For the umpteenth time she mentally returned to their kiss with Nikita.
It was something amazing, unimaginable.
It would seem, what’s wrong with that? Simple good kiss adult men.
But no! She kissed a thousand times with other guys, but she had never experienced such a burning, such an indescribable feeling in her life.
Christine got out of bed.
Fuck it.
She understood everything perfectly and long ago.
She simply perceives Nikita as a beautiful young man, and not as her own brother.
She will not be as good with someone else as she is with him.
Sitting down behind the diary, Christina twirled a pen in her fingers and began to write with confidence.
“April 1st.
Today in my life something happened that I wanted for a long time. Gay boy sex live.

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