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Yana kissed her assertively, literally sticking her tongue into Nastya’s mouth.
Passed on the lips, groping teeth, gently licked the gums.
She did what she wanted, gradually creeping over Anastasia’s body, sitting on top of him.

Yana’s hands lay on Nastya’s neck, squeezing gently, making the girl tremble with excitement.
But Yana only pressed her mouth closer to her, making the kiss even deeper and more energetic.
Anastasia’s body sang from happening.
The girl felt that Yana had inflamed no less than Nastenka herself, felt like a friend rubbing her pubis against Nastya’s hip, as if hinting that she wanted to get some pleasure.
Anastasia raised her hands out of the water and ran her fingers over Yana’s thighs, tightly clutching the girl in the ass, which made her cry slightly from pleasure.
Then she went over to the waist, gently tickling her tummy, rose a little higher and squeezed Yana’s small breasts with her palms.
Nastya felt that the small sharp nipples of the girl left hot streaks on Anastasia’s hands while she forcefully stroked Jana’s breasts.
But the dark girl wanted to change the situation.
Yana pulled away, interrupting the kiss, put her finger on Nastya’s parted lips, calling for her silence.
Anastasia immediately twisted and the very tip of Yana’s finger was clamped by Nastya’s teeth.
The girl gently licked him, teased and caressed her tongue.
Yana smiled, feeling these energetic caress, and, running her hand under the water, spread her legs to Anastasia.

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And, having breathed deeply, she dived, instantly finding Anastasia’s crack with her tongue.
From an unexpected caress, Nastya’s body arched, a passionate moan burst from her lips

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, full of pleasure and desire.
Yana was under boiling water, pressing her nose to Anastasia’s pubis and, without opening her lips, licked Nastya’s crotch with her tongue outward.
The girl did not try to crawl deeper, just drove her tongue around the edges of the genital lips, lingering on the clitoris for an extra couple of seconds.
Nastya, having thrown her head, enjoyed what was happening, afraid to once again move so as not to frighten Yana.
Anastasia shook her head in pleasure, feeling the heated tile at the back of her head.
Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that Sergey had swum closer to the girls and was watching the developments.
And there was probably something to see.
A light mist rose above the water, which could hardly conceal Nastya’s heaving chest, two thirds above the water.
Her stiff nipples were constantly washed with hot water.
Anastasia’s hair was spread across the edge of the whirlpool in a wide veil.
And a meter away from her water was Yana’s delicious ass.
The very same girl portrayed a dolphin, diving out every minute to breathe deeply and fall again to Anastasia’s crack.
Yana, having tried various kinds of caresses, now simply dropped her lips to the clitoris, clamped him with her lips and actively tugged him with a tongue inside her mouth, forcing Anastasia to moan all the longer.
Every minute the girls groans were filled with more and more passion.
Every minute in Nastya, the desire to caress Yanochka herself grew more and more, giving her all the pleasure that she received.
Roll over, – Yana once again emerged, said, putting wet hair back, turning into a sexy beauty from sensational films.
Nastya, not wanting to argue, turned over, putting her chest on the curb and putting her back out of the water.
Yana, not hesitating for a second, showered her ass with light kisses and Anastasia felt a very small female finger penetrate her bosom and gently bend there. Girl online cam nude.

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