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“Well, can I talk to her?” – Dear, we’ll talk tomorrow! – Dasha’s voice rang out. – Go to your room.
– Dasha, but you are my wife! How so?.
Finally, Michael missed me in the room.

I saw that my wife, with her legs wide apart, was lying on his bed, waist-covered behind a sheet soaked with sweat.
I tried to make a scene: – Dasha, how is that ?! You’re cheating on me and don’t even hide it.
“Well, how are you a little naughty,” she grinned in my face, “I saw you jerking off on me today.”
Jerking off, looking like I’m fucking with others.
He did not interfere, did not try to stop fucking, but jerked off.
So what do you do now a scene of jealousy? Or are you offended that I have sex, and you do not see this and can not masturbate? I was confused: – You.
You do not understand everything.
– I understood everything so.

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Misha told me everything about people like you.
At first I didn’t believe, but then I realized that it is so, that you are a sub-paired person who likes to lick me after I fuck with others.
That you like the humiliation of betrayal, that you yourself would have put me under any man, but you do not have enough courage for it.
You still do not have the courage to admit.
what do you like, that I give my cunt to another, and I like it.
You act like a rag! – I’m a rag ?.
– Whatever you like, call yourself a kukold, a rag, a sub-trail.
You are anyone, but not a man! I never felt good with you in bed, I hated myself, I thought that the problem was in me, that I was frigid.
But it turned out that the problem is in you, that you could not give me what I want, what I deserve.

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And Misha gave it to me, with him I felt like a woman, a living woman who wants and knows how to get pleasure.
For the first time I wanted to live, for the first time I breathe deeply.
And you come now in the middle of the night and you want me to give up all this at your first call? Abandoned all of what was deprived of these years? – But what about our family? How is your career ?.
– Yes, I will send with great pleasure to the fucking grandmother my fucking career that I hate so much! Do you really not understand that my career is a way to somehow realize myself, because I felt inadequate.
And now I can say in plain text: “Fuck this career!”.
Having sex caught on camera phpbb limited.

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