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Why so care for your hole, if its use is so nice.
It is difficult to explain, but even the moral feeling that you are being shoved into a hard and sinew member, and your hairy crack opens and sucks it.
can already bring to the point.

I was not popular with guys, maybe even the other way around, fat cellulite butt, small boobs, thicket between my legs made my figure not so attractive as my peers, that they tortured themselves with diets, I could look pretty, but pretty, as some have said.
But sometimes, on booze, a member of another fell to me.

My neighbors did not understand me: how can you want a member so when it is difficult to get rid of them, and everyone wants to cram and splash.
But where are they.
I was more sexy, it means.
However, this has become a problem.
I was very excited even from simple looks, which I interpreted as seduction, and when I was excited, I flowed, I didn’t like to be satisfied with the clitoris, not pleasure, but seed.
I already in the third year got a job at a logistics company as an operator, the money paid was normal, but life in our country is also worth a lot.

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A lot of money for food, renting an apartment with girls, sometimes things and everything! I am out of cash.
But the only seedy shop “Sex Shop”, attracted me constantly, just not what I do there to shop.
Many times I dreamed of buying a thick black phallus for myself, and I will carry this unit all the time, but not at all.
By turning this stable system came, from where it was not expected, but hoped.
One of the partners at a meeting with the head said that if it were not for my voice and beliefs, hell would have ordered the transportation from us, but now they say, he is satisfied.
These fleeting words and in my hands a small prize.
I made a simple conclusion – the second opportunity in the near future may no longer be presented, but I want it yesterday.
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