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I am sometimes afraid to fart.
I run to the toilet – just in case.
The entire crotch aches, asks for rest and dolt.

With a man, I did not have this, and there will not be.
No one will be able two consecutive hours, changing poses, to fuck me in the now broken PIZDU, and then another and a half to turn a neat ass into a broken-down ass.
and so five days in a row.
It was a crazy week)))).
My gait has changed.
I’m lying down now.
Today Katya will come again.
Our holes are waiting again crazy adventures.
I don’t wear underwear anymore – it’s pointless.
So the robe threw over her naked body.
To access to all places was excellent.
And there is still a long weekend ahead.
I do not even know what they will lead to.
I already almost do not hold the ass – a little bit and everything crashes.
Sorry for the details.
I think for a long time I will call her that way – ASS, not ass – until she returns to her original look.
But it’s worth it such a thrill.
And when her tongue lick, or when she herself lick indescribable pleasure.
Cunt all red and I even uh, I even like it Like everything said.
maybe where it was repeated, it is from overwhelming feelings.

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05: 10 Svetlana Lebedeva I’m almost exhausted, and there’s still a week ahead of the same swotting.
About “without anything” the first lovers of domestic sensations obviously got excited: it was said to undress only “to the bottom

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of the clothes”.
Natasha remained in her flowered panties, and Lika from the seventh and Zhenya from the ninth were also in white cotton bras.
Began some strange funny squats, bends and measurements.
A nurse, Tayechka, in turn, led the girls to a large rack with a growth scale at the window, reported the bar to Georgiy Dalievich, who was sitting at the table, hugging the growing indicators with a centimeter ribbon and let her go to the doctor.
In front of the table, Georgy Dalievich carefully inspected each girl, pounded a small rubber hammer on ridiculously bouncing knees, and to top it off, seriously frowning, he said, “Push down!” , pointing with his eyes to the panties.
Natasha looked with interest at the shaggy pubes of her embarrassing older girlfriends, while her very Taichka girdled her with an orange centimeter.
Lika has dark blond hairs with a curly tail with a neat triangle under her belly and left a virgin downward slit almost completely covered, while Zhenya’s entire pussy was covered with a fluffy black cloud — the hairs were knocked out even from under her shorts.
Natasha liked the sensation of a cool plastic ruler, attached by Tayehka to her pink slightly protruding nipples, she smiled and in front of Georgi Dalievich then she tied off her panties without a shadow of any embarrassment.
The doctor touched her almost completely dry lips, pushed the pussy under the incision with her middle finger and crumpled Natasha’s stomach for a minute. Hidden cam family sex.

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