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Delivery difficulties ensured the absence of unauthorized persons.
In the car, the friends behaved completely at ease: they laughed, chatted, joked (rather non-ingeniously), made fun of me.
Taking them to the fence, I said that I would return after them in exactly two hours – so that they were ready! This time I was not going to pry – it was impossible to pass through those bushes without rustling leaves or stepping on a branch.

I just wanted to give my mistresses the opportunity to have fun now and outdoors.
Exactly at the appointed time, I went to the beach.
I can not say that I was very noisy, but my walk was also not stealing.
It turns out that he was not going to pry, but had to: both, covering their faces with one hat, the other with a newspaper, lay on the sand in which the mother gave birth.
Returning a few steps back, I shouted loudly: “Girls, are you ready?”, And snapped it with branches.
Through the foliage I saw them hurriedly covering themselves with towels.
This haste and apparent embarrassment at my appearance told me that their behavior had nothing to do with seduction.
They were so passionate about each other that they simply did not notice me.

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But this was no easier for me.
It cannot be said that looking at their bare charms has become boring – after all, the contemplation of the female body, not devoid of attractiveness, was enjoyable.
I just felt in a very ambiguous position: at once two women constantly tempted me, apparently, without even realizing it.
When I did not see their nudity, recent scenes involuntarily emerged in my memory, and lust returned.
My dick was almost constantly in a semi-excited state, which, of course, I really did not like.
It’s just like teasing a hungry person with the scent and smell of food, not allowing you to satisfy your hunger.
I decided that if they continue to tempt me, I will take some steps.
On the way home, taking advantage of the fact that the ladies were exhausted and sleepy, I kept thinking.
There was nowhere to go – the house alone.
Expel Nastya – permanently ruin the relationship with the

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mother-in-law, and even have to explain to my wife.
There were three choices.
The first is to endure, but I realized that I simply could not resist.
Exit the second – at least hint to women that their behavior is somewhat beyond the limits of decency.
I was afraid that it could end just as badly – with scandal and eternal hostility.
Finally, there was a third solution – to join them.
Of course, I unknowingly dreamed about it since last night, but I started to think logically just now.
It seemed to be the best way out.
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