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That he even has a girl, or rather was – a week how they quarreled.
And he tried to find out from me how to be blue.
I said that the question is stupid, and that he himself will know it soon enough.

He laughed and patted me again.
Finally we got to his apartment.
Inviting me inside, he slapped me on the bottom and laughed – he was clearly in high spirits.
And my mood dropped when I imagined what this giant could do to me.
Serega escorted me to the room

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and put me on the bed next to him, putting his hand on my knee.
– Suck me, – and he began to frantically unbutton his belt on camouflage.
I stopped him and threw him back onto the bed, and began to undress him myself.
He laid his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.
I quickly unbuttoned his tunic and pulled up his shirt, exposing his hairy chest and abdomen.
He had a powerful, trained press, and from the navel in the direction of the groin ran a thick path of black hair.
A thick growth of bedspread and his chest.
And over the left nipple was found a tattoo with a blood group.
Expecting to see something unusual, I began to unbutton his pants.
And unbuttoning sharply pulled them along with the blue, family cowards.
The opening sight really surprised me.
From the thick thickets of black hair sticking out something short and thin, and even brown.
And I expected to see something more impressive.
Couldn’t resist, I grunted.
But when I looked into the eyes of the military, a smile slipped from my lips.

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He had the expression again, just like on the bus.
He grabbed me by the scruff of his neck and angrily hissed: – You do not grin, and suck.
Smile again, I will beat the teeth.
Squeezing my head with his hands, he prodded me with his face in his groin.
I did not resist, caught the process with my lips and began to savor it.
There was a sharp smell of sweat from his body.
A member was brackish taste.
Continuing to squeeze me with his hands, he stuck his organ in me, accelerating everything.
He was uncomfortable and he changed his position, putting me on the bed while he was hanging over me, continuing to fuck me in the mouth.
Finally, he with force stuck his dick into my throat and I felt in my mouth the spicy taste of his sperm.
He finished and finished, shooting at me with his seed.
Exhausted, leaning back next to him, he took a breath.
“You know, it looks like rape,” my mood was completely spoiled.
“Yes, I’m sorry, I had a great temperance, and you angered me,” he finally took off the rest of his clothes, quite smiled and even patted me on the cheek.
– You can say that I am guilty that you have complexes.
I understand why the girl left you, – I continued to sulk at him.
He pathetically patted me on the head: – You probably want to finish too? – I don’t even know, you ruined my mood for me.
He sat down with me and gently stroked the head.
– Sorry you me.
When I strongly want, I do not control myself at all.
You’re right, the girls with me do not stay long.
Let me undress you.
Putting me in front of him, he began to quickly undress me.
The sight of his strong naked body, his rude touches aroused me.
And when my pants were pulled down, my cock straightened, taking the martial status.
Seryoga admiringly nodded his head and began to examine him, gently touching his fingers.
From the pleasant sensations my cock twitched.
– I will not take it into my mouth, but I will gladly jerk your giant.
Unfolding me, he sat me between my legs and pressed me with one hand to his chest, the other began to skillfully jerk off my dick.
With my back I felt how he got excited again and started rubbing against my back, not ceasing to satisfy me. Indian sex free online.

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