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I didn’t believe my ears, and when I tore my head off my wife’s vagina, I didn’t believe my own eyes: Tengiz with the words “Ask me properly, so I can fuck you” stretched my black hair to Katya’s face, and she clung With her hands, she opened her mouth and began to lick his foot, sucking on her fingers.
– Ah, well done, you have a bitch, – Tengiz addressed me, – You see how much she loves to fuck, how she asks for my dick.

That’s right, kiss my feet, I’ll fuck you now.
Your husband is also great, everything is cleaned up, now you have a clean cunt, you don’t even have to go to the shower.
The simultaneous tranquility of Tengiz, his confidence in every movement and deliberately rude words blew out the roof not only of Kate, but also of me.
We have never talked with each other like that (it would have been unthinkable!), But now for some reason, it all excitedly excited, just wanted to obey this person.
And so when he said “Dima, why in clothes, take off your clothes”, I immediately got out of bed and quickly took off my clothes.
My superterogated member pulsed, but even in such a state it lost in size to Tengiz, especially in thickness and head diameter.
And most importantly, compared to the maturing Georgian tool, my white tender member looked like a boyish pipisk.
– Here, well done, how obedient, – Tengiz patted me on the shoulder, – Listen to me, do everything as I say, and everyone will be fine – me, and you, and my new slut.
It was a rumor to me that Tengiz called my Katya his slut, but I was so excited, and the idea of ??submitting to the imperious Georgian was so harmonious in this situation, so sweet and desirable that I didn’t focus on this, but waited for new instructions. Korean girl nude webcam.

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