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Further (as the second phase) there is a meditation on the root of the lingam, but I will not begin to bring it here.
Let me just say that you need to sit comfortably (just on a chair or in Turkish, in a “diamond” or “lotus”) and focus your love and confidence in the root of the penis, imagining that there is a passage, gradually creating there sensations of light and well-being.
At the same time, it is worth feeling how the crown chakra and the genital (the root of the penis) exchange energies in a circle.

Turning the page, I found a meditation called “royal liberation”, in the process of which I decided to write this story, born in my head – first of all – as a desire to write it in the form in which you are reading it now.
First I will give a description of the Royal Emanation meditation.
So, under the big colorful picture on the next page, I began to read: “Before you start meditating, think about the channel leading from crown to sex” from the “crown chakra” to the “genital chakra”.
Imagine that it is open and filled with light.
This will aggravate the sensations.
“” Through desire, man achieves his absence.
Having penetrated into the very heart of desire, a person discovers what is beyond this desire, what is hidden there.
This meditation was created for royals, on whom worldly cares are a heavy burden.
It helps those who are overwhelmed with desires, look at the end result.
Prepare a love room, as your fantasy tells you, your love partner is covered with a veil.
Food and wine are in one place, the bed is in the other, the bath is in the third.
The air should be filled with aromas, and your whole body should be quivering after the massage performed by your slave (r.
– your love partner) with the use of oils.

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You should not have any clothes on you, except for “perhaps” a thin silk shirt.
This is the night of satisfying all your desires that you have only dreamed of.
Your partner must kneel down and wait for your orders.
Open the channel “from the” crown chakra “to the” genital chakra “, blessed by the Master, and ask whatever you wish.
This is the main rule.
Every moment you must follow them exactly.
Rest is not allowed.
At every moment, your confidence in desire directs your speech and actions.
Your love

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partner is here only to fulfill all your desires.
Continue in this direction, no matter what emotions you experience.
Exhaust yourself with your desires.
In an hour you can cry like a baby.
Continue to express your desires until their deepest roots are revealed.
Then you should meditate alone on the stars and the night sky “preferably, but not necessarily.
you can meditate alone while sleeping, representing the night starry sky. ”
You can repeat this meditation until you have no desires at all.
The one who has looked into their root is free from them.
Try not to make a gap between two meditations for more than a week – then your experience will be more successful.
“” Meditation can be performed, as I understand it, at least threefold: 1.
if you are one (one) – just imagine yourself alone, visualize it all 2.
To lie down with your eyes closed (perhaps – after a massage of your body by your partner) next to your partner, who is watching you and is – sitting, lying next to you.
Representing, visualizing, you tell everything to your partner, and he plays the role of your “virtual” servant and responds verbally, fully playing along with your desires, telling how he satisfies them.
In the process, the “serving party” can move on to real play-up or start slightly touching and caressing certain parts of the fantasizing partner’s body, without bringing it to orgasm (or trying not to bring it up).
however, after the orgasm, you can continue.
The next time the “fantasizing” and serving parties change roles.
Same as p.
2, but only you do not fantasize, and after the announcement of the desire of the “dominant” side, the “serving” side immediately helps to fulfill the desire in reality. Here, there are still restrictions associated with pain, hostility or harm to health.
Therefore, as in the SM-game, it is necessary to stipulate in advance a “stop word”, “stop signal”, according to which, however, instead of execution, the “serving” party can switch to such an option from option n.
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