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Alexander sat on his knees, between her legs, and bowed his head, examining his wife’s vulva.
See it was what! Vulva, saturated with blood, “ruined” her sexual lips to the sides.
They were rather thick and shiny, between them a large and pink head of the clitoris, which had emerged from under the hood, was clearly visible.

I pressed Alexander’s head, forcing him to bend down even more, and whispered: “Just lie down, everything is here! Just do not apply force.
Sometimes it has the opposite effect. ”
He gently began to lick the vulva, the tip of the tongue touching the head of the clitoris.
Almost immediately, Tatyana’s body began to move.
She began to fidget on the table with her buttocks, from excitement, and to lift her hips, trying to reach the genitals herself, to the tongue caressing her.
She began to rub her breasts and nipples hard.
And I, standing on the side, began to help her, massage and caress her breasts.
I heard Andrei say to Alexander: “Now, put a finger into the vagina, but rather two! And start making frictions.
And then, dampen the head of the clitoris with saliva, and start blowing on it! ”
Alexander, enthusiastically, began to perform the proposed “program”.
And when, wetting the clitoris, he blew on him, then Tatyana just started to cum.
Without that, a hard stomach, strongly strained, forcing the body to rise.
(Porn tales) Hands, with the force began to squeeze the breasts, face twisted grimace of sensuality.
Convulsions of orgasm ran through the body.
She, “wildly” moaned, and then began to scream, from excess of feelings.
Legs moved, and raised above the table.
Hands, letting go Tits, grabbed the head of her husband, and with force pressed to the vulva.
Andrew, did not break out, but stopped blowing, again began to lick, trembling vulva.

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“Shaking” her for a long time, then she went limp, and only her sobs, bursting out of her mouth, broke the ensuing silence.
To be continued.
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When I was in the 9th grade, and my little sister, Yulia, was in the 5th grade, and as she looked in the thickets of the school park, the boys were masturbating and what came of it.

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, and embarrassed by someone to either ask – stuck to me with questions, but I simply turned it off, I could try to explain it scientifically, but her parents protected her from knowledge about sex because she would have started to ask – where did she find out , she would have betrayed here – my brother told me, and this time I’ll definitely be a scribe.
, last time I asked about critical days and I sent her to my mom shielding what was better – but she said that mom didn’t really explain anything interesting, talk about pistils and stamens, then I gave her my book – anatomy and said everything that interests you it is written there.
, but the stupid mother beat me up – what did you think to yourself, she was still young, it was too early for her to know about it, and stuff like that, trying to protect her from knowledge in her own image.
I had trouble waking up, I needed 10 minutes to wake up completely, the doctors said something about blood disease and oxygen starvation, my sister knew about it and decided to take advantage, she was interested in what the boys jumped out, then she ran away but curiosity didn’t left her, and early in the morning she entered my bedroom and saw a thin blanket reared by the morning riser, threw it back, looked at everything in close proximity and then began to make the same movements as those boys in the park, but trying to do very gently so as not to wake I, but heard the creak of my mother’s bed – at the last second I ran away knowing that my mother would come to wake me up and could catch her near me, my mother entered my room at that moment when the orgasm was ripe and the eruption of sperm started, but without understanding, she began to whip me with a strap and say what did you think of jerking yourself in bed, and if the little sister saw, you imagine what a shock for her it would be, I wondered when I woke up to the noise, my father ran into the noise and calmed down the silly fool from the bedroom, and I thought about what happened and what did It went – burning with shame and afraid to look all dressed quickly in the eye and not eating breakfast ran to school. Live nude girls movie trailer.

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