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Sasha did not stop again

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, and I, caressing a member, was again excited.
– Let’s go to the car, look, stuck, we’re not going anywhere.
I released a member with a discontented rumbling.

– Come on, there is something for you.
In the car I was told to undress again.
and get something from the glove compartment and try on.
In the glove compartment was a device from the sex shop.
Gag in the form of a member, thank God, short.
I hate deep blowjob.
I had to wear it, although I probably got the look stupid, but Sasha liked it.
Latex member in the mouth did not have to talk, so for some time went silently.
Then Sasha began to tell what awaits us on the spot, and what else awaits me specifically.
The program loomed saturated, I even began to stroke the pussy again, which caused my man’s displeasure.
He abruptly stopped the car, jumped out himself, and, grabbing my hand, dragged me to the trunk.
There were several camel blankets lying around, on which he threw me, and then began to knit me dexterously, taking out straps and pieces of rope, as if from nowhere.
Sasha knew that I love bondage, but I never showed any passion for him, but here I knitted so competently that even jealousy poked something: “who did he train at?” In a few minutes I was strapped to my arms and legs and lay on his side, butt to the exit, with a cock in his mouth and a blindfold.

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– Well, now the final touch.
And greased finger lubricant, began to penetrate the ass.
“With a warming effect,” flashed a thought.
the second was added to the first, then the third, and here, some object climbs into the ass.
When he settled there, it became clear that this is a small butt plug.
Another toy, bigger, was placed in my pussy.
– And this, so as not to jump out! Sasha declared and fixed the gags with some kind of either leather or latex panties on the clasp.
Everything, I was completely packed.
Eyes are blindfolded, stripped, immobilized, all holes are plugged, and food is in the trunk of a car.
Slapping me approvingly on the buttock, my torturer got behind the wheel and the car started off.
I simply baldela.
I love when nothing depends on me, and there is no way to avoid violence.
I must say, to go in the trunk was not too comfortable.
No, there was a lot of space, but here the camel blanket was prickly, threw up me on the bumps, and on the turns I slid to one side and then to another wall, and it was impossible to prevent this.
(for all) Although in my opinion, these inconveniences only added spice.
And so, when at first one, and behind him the second vibrators in the holes earned, after some time, I finally experienced my first orgasm for today.
My torturer even made the music quieter to enjoy the groans.
Thank God, after an orgasm, he gave a rest, turning off the vibrators, otherwise I would have lost my mind.
I lost track of time, so I can’t say how long we went like this.
I just felt like periodically, at the command of Sasha’s console, the one and then the other vibrators turned on, and sometimes both at once, as the excitement grew in the second circle.
Suddenly, I felt that the car stops, can Sasha free me? FIG there.
He only said to me: “Be quiet, we have a fellow traveler,” and I realized that someone was coming to the car.
– Do you want to throw up the name of the village? Live private sex cam.

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