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The girls themselves often do not pay the necessary attention to this phenomenon, because the rest of the family, first of all parents, should check their daughter’s intestines from time to time.
“Hm,” Sandra mentally grumbled, “I wonder how, in the opinion of the author of the book, this should be done? To plant an adult girl on a potty and watch what she throws out?”

She continued reading: “.
questioning girls, it is not always possible to get a truthful answer about the work of their intestines.
Therefore, you should also perform a mechanical check by inserting a finger into the anus of a teenager.
If a girl has constipation in the rectum, then this usually cannot be done at full depth, because the finger rests on dried fecal masses.
However, if the finger comes loose, it still does not guarantee that your daughter does not have constipation.
It is possible that the blockage occurred in the deeper parts of the intestine, for example, in the large intestine.
Therefore, it is desirable, in addition to introducing a finger into the anus, to also produce a palpation of the girl’s abdomen. Livejasmin babe.

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