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Did she call the secretary? What for? I’m here naked suck her strapon! And why Lenusik? They know half a day! Lena complained about the strictness of the director, and here Lenusik! Entered the secretary.
I saw her out of the corner of my eye.
She entered neatly, embarrassed and hiding.

She was naked.
I suddenly understood why Lenusik.
If you call Lenusika – must go naked.
She would come more confidently, knowing that the headmistress was alone, but I was not in the office.
But my presence confused her.
And when she saw me naked, kneeling and sucking a strap-on, she froze in a stupor.
– Climb up and under him and suck him – followed the order of the headmistress.
The fact that she entered naked in the office testified to the girl’s readiness for everything. Livejasmin sexy.

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