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“Now wait a bit,” said Tatyana, moaning easily, “and then start moving.”
I did just that, and when my penis began to move in her ass, I realized that now I can’t restrain myself for a long time.
Tatyana understood this, therefore, with a trembling voice, she said to me: – I want you to finish, come on Dima, do not hold back, I want you to be good too.

I did not need to repeat.
My cock exploded like a huge amount of semen.
I do not know if Tatiana enjoyed it, because when it happened, my mind turned off for a while, and the veil covered my eyes, but the pulsation of my ending member apparently also drove her crazy, because when I started thinking more or less, I saw her very contented face.
– Well, you passed the exam perfectly, so far you can rest, and I will go and make dinner.

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At dinner, we talked on all sorts of topics, I really felt a slight embarrassment, but did not show the mind.
Our conversation continued after we had dinner, and ended only when it was already deep night outside.
I was sent to sleep on the same sofa, where I passed my exam, and Tatiana was located in the next room.
As soon as I was laid down, the memories washed over me in a wave, and I felt my excitement increase.
Having thrown off the clothes, I started to caress my penis, and then I heard the door creak and a second later a nude aunt climbed under the covers.
– You know the saying “repetition is the mother of the doctrine,” so I decided that it was worthwhile to consolidate the material covered.
– D.
– Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmm, mmmmmm.
– woooo, woohmm, wooooo.
– Um.
– Um.

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– Hmm.
– Yeah.
– uh
– uh
When the younger sister of my wife once again came to visit us with an overnight stay, I thought of how to have a good sex with her right in front of my wife.
We have a large sleeping corner, where you can even accommodate four of us, on this roadway, the three of us usually sleep, it is very hot now, and night dresses are reduced to a minimum, the wife generally sleeps in only her panties, referring to the fact that she is not shy of her sister, but her sister She gave up her nightie, which is so short that it barely covers the pubis of this little bitch and naturally she sleeps without panties, but in particular she in my opinion wears them only when she is monthly).
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