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She had big gray eyes and a big mouth that did not spoil her face with large teeth.
“She has everything large,” flashed through my head, and I remembered how small my nipple was today.
She continued to look at me and smile – there was something – my sweat pants were puffed up and it probably looked funny.

-May I come in? Her voice was slightly sweet, like when a lady from a “decent family” tries to play a whore.
There was an explanation for that — it smelled of alcohol.
She apparently understood that, I noticed this, and before the question came, she said herself: “I drank cognac.”
For courage.
And laughed.
She had a pleasant laugh.
Without waiting for an invitation, she herself went into my apartment and took off her shoes in the middle of the hallway, immediately went to the bathroom.
I remained standing at the door.
-I am now.
I heard through the sound of water from the bathroom.
I took a deep breath and exhaled several times and

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for some reason took off my T-shirt.
I suddenly caught myself thinking that with this lady I could do everything I wanted and she would not mind– moreover, she would like it.

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She left the bathroom without a sweater, but in a skirt and without pantyhose.
She was holding her panties in her hands.
I went up to her and took her hand with panties – they were wet and they smelled of excited female pussy.
I lost my head.
– I’m all wet.
She laughed out loud again.
I lifted her skirt and put a sharp finger in her pussy.
She gasped and crouched a little, giving me the opportunity to shove a finger deeper.
The skirt did not allow her to spread her legs and she just lifted her rolled up at the waist.
She had a smoothly shaved pubis and there was no hint of hair anywhere.
It got me even stronger.
Her eyes were clouded with pavolokoy, her mouth was half-open, and I immediately climbed my tongue into her mouth.
I caressed her in her two holes – sucked her tongue and moved her finger in the pice.
She flowed heavily.
One hand, she hugged my head and the other, already habitually began nadrachivat my penis.
He again became stone.
I wanted it to go on forever.
She suddenly pushed me toward the chair.
I sat spread legs.
– Come to me, I said in some not my own voice.
She obeyed.
You’re a little bitch.
You know it? You came today because you want me to insert my dick in your pink pussy and cum in you.
So? -Yes: – Take it all off and show how beautiful you are.
She started to take off her bra and I saw that she had beautiful breasts with big nipples and pink areola.
It was fascinating.
She was looking at my quivering member without stopping and moving slowly and swaying like a bewitched one.
She understood that I liked it.
– Bend over, I want to look at you from behind.
She spread her legs wide and slowly leaned down. Naked boys webcam.

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