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Or hair.
And I hear such words for the first time, – I tried to laugh it off.
– No, I’m serious.

Can? I did not have time to answer, but Fields had already taken my right leg and put it on her knees.
It was nice to feel the warmth of her thighs and the light touch of soft, gentle hands on my foot.
For a while she just stroked her, running her fingers over the sole and fingers, which made me feel a little ticklish, but suddenly she lifted her up to her face and gently touched the hardened skin with her lips.
– Lord, Fields, what are you doing? – I exclaimed in amazement, instinctively releasing the foot from her hands.
– you unpleasant? Or are you just afraid? – seriously asked Paul, with her head tilted to the side.
I could not answer.
To admit that even these light touches stirred me up, it was beyond my strength.
Without waiting for an answer, Polina gently whispered: – Just trust me.
By reason I understood that what we were doing was wrong and indecent, but the mind was already rather clouded with alcohol, and the body was craving further caresses.
Fields again gently touched my feet and quietly said: – As soon as I saw you in these sandals, Christina, I was terribly excited.
I really wanted to look at you barefoot.
And then, when you agreed to stay, I just did not find a place for myself, so I wanted to touch your legs.
Realizing that I also had to say something, I stammered and admitted that when I saw her freshly painted marigolds on my toes, I also could not tear my eyes away from them all evening, although I myself could not understand why.

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Fields did not answer, just smiled and leaned again at my feet.
She gently kissed my ankles, and then completely into the open began to passionately lick my bare soles.
Her tongue was moist, warm and soft.
It seemed that from his touch pleasant warmth spreads all over his body.
I was a little ticklish, and sometimes Fields themselves specially tickled my feet with their long nails, so that I could involuntarily move my fingers, exciting her even more.
Her caresses were passionate and skillful, the feeling of guilt and shame irretrievably gone, but I already clearly felt that my panties were wet from arousal.
Polina licked my fingers, occasionally gently nibbling them, and I felt that I was about to go to orgasm.
Involuntarily, I began to moan, and when Fields began to push the tongue between my fingers, I could not resist and finished.
I caught my breath and smiled at Polina gratefully.
I also wanted to give her pleasure, although I understood that I could not caress her as confidently and skillfully as she had just caressed me.
However, I leaned over her feet.
She had very well-groomed, tender fingers, without mazole and scuffs.
I gently touched my ankle with my lips, inhaling a barely perceptible smell.
For quite a long time I covered Pauline’s feet with tender kisses, fearing to venture anything more.
– Do not be shy, – Paul encouraged me.
– If you want, suck my fingers.
I obediently took the thumb of my bare foot in my mouth.
With gusto, I was sucking it, and then – and all the other fingers in turn and together, on one leg and

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the other.
Her feet smelled of delicate feminine skin with a slight odor of sweat.
It was so exciting, so sexy, so vicious! Finally emboldened, I kissed the bare soles of my unexpected partner, sniffing them, led them over with my tongue, lightly bitten, licked bare, shameless heels.
Looking up, I saw that Paul had put her hand under her skirt and now she is masturbating with delight.
“Now with your tongue between your fingers,” she moaned.
– Come on, Christie! I fulfilled the wish of Pauly and began to push my tongue between the fingers of her legs, licking them.
Polina wiggled her fingers sexually in front of my face, and I passionately caressed them with my tongue and lips, inhaling the indescribably exciting aroma of bare female legs. Nude beach spy cam videos.

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