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Two gorgeous reddened breasts jumped free.
Poor nipples were scary to watch.
They were strongly shriveled, all in pimples, slightly convex.

It all betrayed my wife’s wild excitement.
– Oh, you, infection, that means how, yes? Well, well, – with these words, she silently freed her hands from the strapless, and proudly straightened her back, forcing both breasts to rise gorgeous.
So much adrenaline from this spectacle splashed into my blood, that my penis tensed up like steel, and with the roar of the male I went on the attack.
Strongly clasping the waist, I lifted Natasha.
She was confused by such pressure that she could not even resist.
Her breasts spread over my face, and now her right nipple is intensely stimulated by my lips and tongue.
– It’s not fair! – with a gasp, Natasha moaned groaningly.

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She did what I obviously did not expect – she took and slapped me sharply on the ears.
I let go of the pain and instinctively grabbed my ears.
But because of the adrenaline rush earlier, I was ready that my little wife would attack me again, so when Natasha attacked again, I dodged and she fell.
Now I will show her! When the love of your life is in front of you on all fours, with a loose, plump ass, there is no time to make decisions for a long time.
I just did almost the same as it was before: slapping a couple of times backwards on powerful buttocks, I stuck two fingers into the copiously flowing gap.
Oh god There was a real waterfall – the fingers sank as if in a jar of cream.
And then I felt the heat spreading from my penis to my body – Natasha, already unable to withstand the form of a fat dick swinging in front of her face, grabbed my ass and literally planted her mouth on my penis.

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She squeezed his lips so tightly, earned her tongue so much that I roared with excitement.
Her sucking caress was incredible.
They brought heavenly relief (do not forget, I endured the second day without discharge!) To the tired waiting member.
I unconsciously fucked Natalia with my fingers and pinched her already reddened ass.
And then, turning my head towards the corridor, I saw that the crotch of my wife and I are reflected in the mirror.
The view was dashing and depraved.
Naked female ass, who asked for fucking, frantic male fingers for a second do not stop caressing the gut of my wife brought me to a state already close to orgasm.
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