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All sorts of fantasies about the rape of a bound man come to mind, or, what is even worse, violent sexual exhaustion with tying up the trunk of a penis in order to deliver infinitely long satisfaction to a female who has run wild in long abstinence.
Bright light blinds the eyes, and I try not to look at these lamps.
I notice only that some light bulbs have blown out and, apparently, the electrician hasn’t reached them yet to replace them.

I listen with emotion as the “nurse” moves around the office, not paying any more attention to me.
– from this moment I don’t represent any serious threat or interference for her – just the test subject is a faceless object that changes every day, and the essence of the manipulation of it is perfected to automatism.

I hear the sounds of unlocked cabinet doors – this girl gets some equipment.
Surely it will soon be applied to me, causing unambiguous and familiar reactions.
OOOOh !!!.
I take a deep breath and sigh impatiently.
Rather, it all started! Waiting for the unknown acts worst on imagination.

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I feel how my heart quickens the beat, how the pulse is given to the lower abdomen and shakes the half-agitating member in the open air.
Unfortunately I can not see – how strong an erection.
In the meantime, the “nurse” finished rattling objects and went to the window where the table and its place were located.
By sound, I determine how she rolls closer to me – there, to the lower abdomen, a table on wheels with honey.
She sits on the chair to my right, hiding behind the screen, and puts the stethoscope to her chest, listening as my heart beats faster, like a bird caught by a hunter.
Now, I hear her voice: – “Well, well.
Calm down boy! I will not do anything to you, I will not even hurt you! Understand – the goal of the experiment is to simply determine how sexually enduring you are and this is very important when shooting our films.
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