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I absorb hamburgers and coffee with the speed of a hungry boa or native Russian government, dividing our taxes in their favor, and Margo shares her memories of working in a Japanese “box”.
Hmmm, I still got quite a bit: Well, I ate, everything was very tasty.
– Thank you, dear Margo. – Always welcome, good luck, baby.

I will come to you.
And leaves.
I am again in the window.
It is completely dark.
The lights of lanterns, advertisements, portholes and other windows.
Still the sidewalk is deserted.
But some kind of movement.
On the right, it is walking fast, a huge, big-shaven bull in a gray suit is almost running, with his eyes staring somewhere ahead, but now he is scratching his shop-window with his eyes, and he is very purposefully moving towards my nest.
Yeah, have fun again! The door swings open.
– Hello Darling! – and lower the curtain.
And then I start to regret it very much.
Because, turning a click of the heck, I see a small black pistol in the hand of the next visitor.
Or a revolver.
I do not understand them.
The main thing is that they are being killed.
And now they can kill me.
For what? – Bitch (I already understand this in Dutch), where is your revenue? Aaaa, that’s it.
Well, well, please.
The hosts have foreseen such a turn of events.
I put the proceeds in the safe made on the basis of the mailbox, I could not get into it myself – only the collector with the key.

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And I thought the fool thought that they did not trust me (with my

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interest in not being beaten).
– Here is my lord, take my lord – The key! – At the master, my lord! Very pleasant and relaxed conversation: The trunk of this nasty cold thing pokes me on the lips, then on the neck, then begins to crawl to my chest.
I scare desperately.
Cold chills on the back, feet cotton, wooden tongue.
You can not shoot, I’ll die now myself.
From nervous overstrain.
– You’re lying, bitch! – and a slap in the face from which I almost fall onto the bed – – No, no, – I babble something in German, in English, I even turn to my native, tears from my eyes And the damn muzzle is again walking in my defenseless body.
And now tickles nipples- What, whore, are you afraid, you want to live, creature? – !!! Diabolical cannon, playing around with nipples, slides down the stomach lower and lower: – Do you want to breathe, do you want to live on and stretch your legs in front of everyone? – !!! – Now I fuck you! Well, thank God, it is much more rational! But instead of the promised this scum shoves the barrel into my hole and starts to play it.
Found a member, bastard! And I finally begin to understand the full depth of the historical phrase “They drank the fly” from the antediluvian anecdote about cowboys.
Cold steel plays with my clitoris, then touches my lips, nipples, again in pussy.
Lord, at least not shot by mistake.
I am all tense, shivering finely, and here: – Yes, you are flowing, bitch, what do you like? What do you mean where? Oh, really: – Take him: Thank God, this is not about the trunk, before my eyes his penis, compressed in a hairy paw with a tattoo on the back, looks like my torturer is called Franz.
– Yes Dear.
I start to suck him off, pawing at the same time with a trembling foot, and the barrel continues to slide on the back of the head, now on the back, then on the chest, adding a very strange sharpness to this deadly blowjob. Online sex chat with men.

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