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I loved Kyoto, and the whole “land of the rising sun” – forever.
I kissed Natsumi and did not want her to let her go for a moment.
We discussed several times what happened and each time the memories drove her into the paint, and me too.

And the day before the festival, I heard something that really upset me.
During a walk in the park, we again started talking about kisses, about relationships and what they lead to.
(You will fly back in two days).
I was not sad because she said that.
Rather, from the fact that it seems to be true.
I have a flight in two days, I fly away, and then what? Love at a distance does not live long.
I had no face.
But it came back to me when I saw Natsumi in a traditional red yukata on the day of the festival.
Her hair was neatly picked, posture straight – like a real Japanese lady of the Edo era.

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She really wore her red yukata.
Yukata looks more like a cotton robe than a dress.
It is tied with a wide belt, and behind it fastens a big bow.
At that moment I thought, why did everyone in Russia forget about traditions and no longer wear those beautiful outfits that were once, at least a couple of times a year.
In Japan, the same festivals were held often – all dressed up in a yukata, in kimono and looked great.
Natsumi and I went to the park, where the festival was held.
Around me, almost everyone was in colorful outfits.
I was a black sheep in my cotton white pants and shirt.
The atmosphere of the holiday very pleased me, it was necessary to see.
There were a lot of young people, children and old people on the streets – people of all ages were having fun.

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org) In Russia, I have not seen this even for a new year.
Everything was very beautiful, really.
Being in a good mood, I hugged Natsumi around the waist.
The yukata was so light and subtle that was straightforward – like the real Japanese lady of the Edo era.
cop became the best in my life.
that I practically felt her skin with my fingers.
These feelings turned my head, and again I wanted to kiss her, as in.
That photo booth a few days ago.
I knew that kissing people in Japan was a moveton, so I tried to hold back.
Neither the festival nor Natsumi in her beautiful attire.
(There will be.
fireworks) – she said.
It was a good chance to kiss her again.
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