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The girls also went to the end.
One, standing on all fours in front of us, did not see us, because she did not even open her eyes.
Her anus ring was processed by a long tongue smiling partner in the cap of the temple of the Goddess-with-snakes.

I wonder how Akkal will react to this.
Something similar was happening – wet girls began to finish with voluptuous moans, so that other sounds could not be heard.
“Get ready,” Kostis said.
Meanwhile, the men began to pour out their seed.
But not on the serving cultists, but on the red one.
Here the girl in purple makes a sharp movement with her hand and a whitish jet hits her full chest.
Here the other one does not have time to remove the stem from the mouth and part of the seed remains on her face; she hastily licked, looking so that no one noticed it.
But everyone is not up to it.
Men pour red seed in such a way that her tanned skin now shines not only from oil and incense.
She herself now wriggles and the mind completely disappears from the cultists.
They begin to fuck her hard.
In the anus – a member, in the mouth – a member, in each hand – also a member, and in the cave there are two at all (I still don’t understand how this is possible). Meanwhile, the high priest takes the snake from the Redhead and carries it to the altar.
Men scream, pouring seed into the hands of Redhead.
I can not hear her, but I am sure – this is because of the trunk and the enthusiastic hubbub around.
Girls shout: their faces glisten from the juice of girlfriends for a long time.
Guards and wineries in purple raincoats shout enthusiastically.

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At some point, purple pairs form – girls saddle the guards.
– Early.
– Kostis whispered – We must strike so that for sure.
And the high priest laid a snake, smeared in oil and human secrets, on a white stone altar.
Poor boa that today he had a chance to survive.
The man said something, but no one answered – everyone gave up their lust too much.
He got angry and shouted in an unfamiliar language, grabbed a knife and headed for the snake.
We responded instantly.
Kostis let out a long throat cry.
We broke into the hall.
The guards were the first to fall – someone put a sword in the stomach, and someone in the throat.
We stunned the girls, but not everyone was ready to be given just like that.
I got a stick on my head and poked somewhere in a bundle of bodies.
Kostis on

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the left was actively hacked to the priest, but he managed to open his stomach.
The warrior on the left received a cup on the eyebrow, his eyes flooded with blood.
Soon the case turned into a very close hand-to-hand.
The merry fellow, teasing at the entrance, disappeared under the bodies of the cultists – the guard’s lance stuck in his stomach.
A cultist with a wound in the perineum ran around the room, bursting with all the curses and blood.
Kostis and I cut off the apostates from the exit, two more from the closet.
The stunned men jumped up and gnawed, and then fell under the swords.
Redhead, half unconscious, was reclining on a chair.
Gestis guarded her, and for good reason – her admirers immediately tried to kill her.
The kid was killed with perfect legs, under my sword, Kostis hacked her screaming partner with a crooked dagger.
Soon the ringing and cries fell silent.
About a dozen sons of Minos stood on their feet.
True sons.
All the wounded, but they understood that it could have ended worse.
– Get the wounded! – began to give orders to Kostis.
– Torodo, look around the hall, collect all the objects of the cult immediately! Gestis, get stunned! Do not forget to tie a redhead, she is the most valuable trophy! Blood, covered with blood, wine, juices of people.
Taoka only dreams in nightmares.
I took everything down: statues, palm leaves with secret texts – into a deserted ritual cauldron.
Closed on top of the canvas and began to examine the closet behind the hall. Russian mature masturbates in webcam.

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