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Sex and the city film 1 online.
Sucking me a dick for priming and rubbing my clitoris, sitting on the edge of the bed in front of me, she plentifully applied and rubbed grease on my dick, asked to generously moisten my anus and introduce slowly.
I do not know, maybe really, anal was for Aksana the rarest type.
Thanks to the high-quality gel and the sounded method of proper implementation, the invasion of the “hell-gates” passed without a hitch.

Whether anal was pleasant to Aksana or vice versa – I can not say.
Because the fuck after the invasion was also smooth, without a bitch, without a hitch.
Neither “oh and akhov” from pain and discomfort, nor podmahivaniya and crying from passion and excitement.
Like “a man said – a man did,” promised to give in the ass – I give, but with enthusiasm or not – I did not discuss it, be satisfied with what you have.
In general, I fuck-I fuck Aksyusha in the ass, tired, sweaty, the day is summer and hot, and the apartment is without air conditioning.
He suspended his frictions, reached for a

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towel thrown nearby, wiped sweat from his forehead.
And I hear her short laugh.
I was even offended at first, I thought, he was laughing at me that he couldn’t beat a half hour like a jackhammer.
– What? – I thought it was funny.
After all, my “little men” will not believe if they are told that they fucked me in the ass.
And if they themselves see, they will be greatly disappointed in the “mistress”.
Omitted is called a shame! – Aksana laughed, and I followed.

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And a little later, turning his head and sympathetically, – Tired, yes? Well, go, rinse, and I want a shower, hot.
Then we continue normally.
All the same, neither I do not finish, nor you.
Having received a charge of cheerfulness from a cool shower, we continued “normally”, that is, alternating vaginally and orally.
It is noteworthy that vaginal sex was carried out mostly in the pose of “cancer” and less – sideways from behind, with a “spoon”, without intimate contact face-to-face with the missionary and without accompanying the act of kissing on the lips.
The habit of straponess to avoid tenderness? Is niche acceptable only for a loved one? Or pure coincidence? I do not know.
We finished oral, with a small time lag.
At first, Aksana left me sucking dick (we were again at 69), stiffened, muttered bass “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes”, rolled over on my side, then on my back, pressed my face to me, exhaled strongly and letting go of my head, pushed me aside.
And, probably, for about five minutes, no less, she went into nirvana, staring blankly at the ceiling, with deep and irregular breathing, not reacting to external stimuli, and only occasionally the lower back was trembling, perhaps the color of which one argues and the existence of which others doubt.
When she returned from heaven to the sinful earth, it was the turn of my ending.
Practically without changing her posture, just putting a pillow under her head and turning it to the side, Aksana was fucked in her mouth until the sperm was lowered.
I did not swallow, I went to the bathroom.
Then we lay in arms and chatted.
Not about sex.
On work, taxes, inspections.
About relatives, children, schools.
Parallel light strokes and fleeting kisses.
And a quick blowjob was made, when Aksana felt from the stiffened member that he was ready for the second run, but without the slightest hint on my part.
She only warned me not to cum in her mouth or on her face, and would seed her heavy breasts with a dark, almost black halo around large nipples.
I looked with a smile at my ejaculation, with one hand supporting my chest from below, and with the other affectionately stroking the fur of my buttocks and thighs. Sex and the city film 1 online.

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