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Sex live couple.
She was sitting in a chair, putting her robe over her naked body.
Having approached, the girl saw that the dressing-gown was ajar, the signora was not ashamed of anyone, and she sat with her legs apart, exposing her hairy pubis under a small tummy.
Boobs sagged slightly, but the nipples aspired upwards, which gave the breast a certain charm.

Nearby was a small coffee table, on which plates of honey, cream and something else were placed.
Having finished her coffee, signora students looked at the young, sexy, blonde.
Raised legs on a soft ottoman, something that commanded the maid.
Roberta handed the leash to the lords.
She took the cream from the table and spread the Senora Simonna’s leg, with honey, did the same with the other leg.
The fat woman pulled the leash, pulling the blonde to the leg.
Roberta sent Petra’s head to her mouth with honey, forcing the lady to lick her feet.
The girl obediently began to lick the sweet honey, reaching her head high, turned on the other leg, and the sweetness replaced the taste of cream.
This procedure lasted for a long time, until all the legs were alternately rubbed with the language of Petra with cream and honey.
My mouth was already cloying, my tongue and neck ached.
Signora again commanded Roberta.
She laid the blonde on her back, spreading her slender legs to the sides, richly smeared pussy with cream.
Signora began to play with the girl’s lips, rubbing foot.
She stroked the folds of her feet, then pressed her thumb on the clitoris, twisting it, threw it, and began to push her finger into the hole of the beauty.

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Fingering a girl’s pussy with her thumb, with another foot massaging the blonde’s tummy and pubis.
A little statute signor stopped moving.
Spreading her legs, she pulled the leash, directing Peter to her.
Pulling up her face, she stuck her hand into the girl’s mouth, grabbed her tongue, pulled it out.
She mumbled something in Italian, turned her face to herself in shaggy thickets.
Pressing the face of the blonde, rubbed them with her pussy.
Then she pushed aside, gazed into her eyes, inserted two fingers into Petra’s mouth, giving it to her.
She held wet fingers over her genital lips, stretching and showing a pink cave, the sides did not grow large blond hairs, but on the pubis a lush bush, neatly trimmed

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in the shape of a heart, grew.
Stroking the seigneur herself, she nodded to the maid at the table.
Roberta took the vessel soaked her fingers in it.
Slightly spent on the open petals of the lush Italian.
And in broken English she said: – Lick her.
The blonde approached the blurred pussy and felt an unusual smell, resembling a mixture of flowers and pounded tree bark.
Gently tongue on the shiny petals.
The girl felt some sour-tart taste with sweetheart.
The taste was rather pleasant, and the girl began to diligently lick the female pussy she had set up.
Caressing the pussy of the magnificent Mistress, she felt saliva beginning to stand out abundantly.
The girl even slightly pulled away from the hole.
Having stopped working with the tongue, she already clearly felt the saliva fill her mouth.
Senora Simonna was also noticeably wet, the petals from moisture adhered to the outer lips of her pussy, and a transparent stream stretched from the hole.
Dissatisfied with the stop, the donut pulled the leash.
The girl swallowed and continued to caress.
The lubricant acted, exciting and Peter began to fill the warm feelings.
Standing on all fours and working with her tongue between her legs, she felt like a warm, summer breeze blowing under her dress the swollen lips of an excited pussy. Sex live couple.

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