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But she did not answer.
Now, when the desire subsided, the pain manifested itself to the full, filling the soul with the poison of broken pride.

Is he.
What happened was what she had been afraid for so long.
– he began, stroking her hair.
Do not touch me, – she interrupted in a trembling voice, releasing from his hands and rising.
Bitter tears of unbearable pain drew a path down her cheeks.
He also got up and hugged her from behind by the shoulders.
Do not touch.
She whispered.
He did not let go.
– Do not touch!!! – she broke into a scream, throwing off his hands and starting like a beast in a cage, rushing around the room, grabbing everything.
The pain was overwhelming.
How dare you!!! She shouted, choking on tears.
– How dare you do this to me !!! I hate !! I hate you, you hear !!! She rushed to him, wanting to slap, but he grabbed her hand and held her close, hugging him tightly.
She fought wildly in his arms, choking with tears and screaming that she hated that she would never forgive. Sex live strip.

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