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then I slowly slow down: Yulino’s body shudders with each of my movements, she no longer moans, but sobs: I grab her, fall into a chair, resting my lips on the nipple of my right breast from above, biting him: Julia begins to move up and down smoothly, slow movements, but deep.
My hands are at her waist.
greedily kissing breasts, they lured me so long ago, licked the tip of the tongue around the nipples, clasped my lips, put off.

again I wrap my arms wide, pulling my tongue in my mouth: The member rests on the uterus and Yulenka, howling with pleasure, begins to move faster: A few more movements.
groaned a draw: I put the member as far as possible: She looks into my eyes: I squeezed my breasts.
looking into her eyes, slowly moving my tongue over the nipple.
once again he led the pelvis again, he stopped again, looking into your eyes again, slowly licking the other nipple: a few more movements.
up down.
screamed biting her lip and her body quivered with a powerful orgasm: He squeezed her waist, strongly pressed her pelvis to her, as if she had planted her body on his penis, without relaxing her hands, lifted, bent his chin: Relaxed hands.
palms walked through the stomach.
across the chest.
down again.
as if a little bit raised her basin, without taking out the member, holding back the frictions again started from slow ones.

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I accelerate: She, too, starts to move again:

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I accelerate quickly.
and now the pace dashing.
the amplitude is very wide.
Julina’s breasts are jumping, swinging her nipples in front of my face: She keeps up the pace, holding my shoulders with her hands: I am crazy, trying to grab the nipple with my lips, and when I can do it, I play with him with my tongue until he squeezes again from his mouth: : Julia bends down and whispers: – I want you to take me from behind.
I grab her head, pull her lips tightly to my own, kiss her tightly, and stand up sharply, turning and putting her hands on the table.
Julia leans forward slightly and arches her back: I run my hand over the crotch, pinched the back of my hand lightly on the back, the vagina easily takes the penis, the movements are fast and deep: I tilt my fingers along the skin of my back and lean on my shoulders, kissing near the shoulder blades.
biting: Julia flexes more, screaming and moaning: No longer able to fight with herself: Julia! I want you!.
Hands again fall to the waist, squeezing her move the pelvis as I can quickly, helping our bodies with his hands: Yulayaya !!! Yulyayayayayayayayaya !!!!!!! Yulyayayayayayayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa !!!! ! Last aaaaaa stretches in time, turning into a prolonged ejaculation: I’m finishing, convulsively squeezing her waist in my palms.
as if her whole body is a sweet cramp: Yulia cries out loud in ecstasy, wincing with her whole body and drops her head into her hands: I fall down on her back, clutching her breasts pressing her body to hers, her whole shoulder: I stroke her back.
picking up, I place her more comfortably in the chair, squatting to her legs.
I stroke a hotter, trembling body from uneven breathing: Whole waist. Sex online american.

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