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I was beginning to darken in the eyes of the approaching orgasm and I, without thinking twice, pulled him towards myself.
A second later, he already entered the entire length of his member into me, but I did not have enough of his member’s size to completely discharge.
And I, kneeling, showed him what I wanted.

He understood quickly, and immediately threw me into the anus.
His small penis size was just right for my butt, and there was plenty of lubrication.
I do not remember how he finished, I already remember how he lay down, and he put me on his face, and sucked his sperm from my hole.
After this orgasm, I couldn’t come to my senses for a long time, and all this time he was massaging my body, and then carried it to the water.
The day was coming to an end.
I was tired but pleased to start going home, he asked to see me off, I agreed.
We walked along the left bank, barely dragging our feet, he told me how good he was, and he asked me what would get much from my husband? I told him that I was not, but you will get it.
And he says to me: You have a handsome husband, I liked him, I want to please him, and everything will be fine.
I explain to him that he is an innate hetero, and he tells me that there is a BI in everyone.
Approaching the ascent to Voroshilovsky Bridge, he almost persuaded me, and we set our date for the meeting.
By that time, the husband was supposed to come from a business trip and was truly in for a surprise! (Probably, there will be a free minute soon, and I will write how events developed further.
A little bit about yourself.
I am a slim thirty-year-old woman.

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Height meter seventy, weight 56 ??kg.
I have a small, elastic chest of the 2nd size.
Not thick, but not thin hips, slim, long legs.
Clothing size 46.
I got married late in 26 years.
Husband is 2 years older than me.
For sex, I was not that indifferent, but I didn’t feel any particular craving for it.
I missed my eyes 1-2 times a week in the usual classic pose.
All attempts by her husband to try other poses, I stopped at the root, it seemed to me obscene.
I was afraid that my husband would

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consider me a vulgar woman.
My husband and I really wanted children, but I could not get pregnant.
Three years later we went to the doctors.
The husband turned out to be healthy, and they found some inflammation in me and advised me to go to the resort in Saki.
It was 1983, and it was almost impossible to get a ticket.
My husband managed, with great difficulty, through his acquaintances, to get only the voucher.
This meant that I would conduct the necessary procedures, but it was necessary to rent an apartment for accommodation.
We wanted to go together, but as luck would have it, my husband urgently needed to hand over the installation he had designed to the customer and was not released.
I had to go alone.
Arriving in Saki, I quickly found a sanatorium, handed over the documents and to my joy I was given the address of the apartment for living.
It was a two-room apartment, not far from the sanatorium.
Three women have already settled in it, who also came to the sanatorium on the kurskah for the same reason.
So it turned out one room for two, which I was completely satisfied.
The next morning we went to a sanatorium to see a doctor.
After examining me and reading my medical history, the doctor gave me a referral for the procedure.
These were gynecological mud baths five days a week.
I went to look for a procedural building.
Looking around the territory of the sanatorium, I realized that I myself could not find it.
Looking for someone to ask, I saw a young man, about twenty years old, in a white robe, smeared with mud, walking along the avenue.
After greeting him, I asked how to get to the procedure building.
Smiling, he pointed to the building that was right in front of me.
When I entered the procedural building, I gave directions to the nurse and received from her a schedule of procedures. Sex reallifecam new.

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