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Polina wanted to get maximum pleasure from this moment of her life.
Circling in front of Sergey in a dance of seduction, she began to show a small striptease.
She bared her chest, bringing her nipple sticking under the tunic very close to the man’s lips, and then hid it again.

Then she lifted the hem of the tunic, exposing her tummy and hips, and twisted them right in front of the face, exhausted by such sweet torture, Sergey.
The apogee was the sticking of panties from the ass and partial exposure of the swollen petals of the slits.
Since the girl herself was already very excited, then a lot of nectar had already flowed out of her cave, which plentifully moistened a thin strip of panties and petals of her slits.
When she turned her back to Sergey, bending her back and putting her ass in his direction, began to take off her panties, the thin transparent threads of grease reached behind the cloth and gleamed.

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On the white fabric of the panties, Sergey clearly saw a wet spot and brilliant discharge, which.
so clearly testified to the extreme excitement of the girl.
It was unbearable – to look at the girl who wants you, expiring juices, exposing her beauty to caress and not be able to take her.
Sergei’s hands already hurt from the strain.
He tried to break the bonds and free his hands.
But nylon did not give in.
Polina, like an experienced courtesan, returned such an intimate piece of clothing to the place, turned around to face Sergei, came closer and, putting her legs on the seat of the chair, stood on him.
Her hips and pubis were right above Sergey’s head, and he lifted his head.
Polina spread her legs wide and sat down a bit so that her crotch was even closer to the man’s face.

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Sergey stretched his neck like a giraffe, trying to at least touch his alluring pussy with his lips.
But as soon as his lips touched the wet mother of her panties, Polina straightened her legs and turned around.
Then she again began to fall on the face of Sergei, encouragingly moving her ass.
The man was clearly visible cherished place, which has already shone under the wet cloth panties.
He clearly saw her petals and folds and even felt the heady scent.
This time, Polina allowed the man to kiss her pussy, and even moved on his face, smearing it in her discharge.
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