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Galka gives her forgiveness, But in exchange for a night in love.
What is the friendship of infringement? Kohl, conscience is not angry! I can give you, as a friend, The right to give primacy, But worse or better For a wife – you guess! I am dumb with horror.

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What to say? Be the first? Eyes blushing: How can I live with her! Do not forgive when he wakes up, My beloved.

Vovka, the heart will not shrink, Our union is like this, to nil ?! Na-ka, have a drink! Think soberly !.
Ohrenel for so much to drink! For free, you, brother, frisky! Well, how to be with you now ?! What do you answer, Kohl, If you are such a block of wood, Do not cut it: among the female share There is one flaw in all! All quietly dreaming, To a stranger, on the side! Years of youth are melting, No new impressions.
So, one day, begin to quietly with another fornicating, I, better, I suppose, not bring to trouble.
To choose a day, and, controlled by, to give the wife a night, So that later, in the field of life, With a true friend to speak.
Without concealment and secrets, As expected, in love, Give, darling, it! Call yourself to another! Are you a miser and a miser? Il live with a slave? For the beloved, you, parnyaga, Heart can not be squeezed with pain? You are for sweetheart – on the edge of the world! So help your spouse! Be a man without a covenant, Loud in the voice, answer! Let the beloved know Nayavu, what a husband is! The holiness of feeling while preserving, To save the wife of honor! We got drunk spouses.

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Excitement – over the edge And not divine servants of Passion paint as if paradise.
And somlevshimu, pretty.
Says Volodya suddenly: For a wife, so with her body, do you give the night, spouse ?! So that she does not know treason, And infidelity of shame, for Her, with a vagina full of sperm, Forgive everything? Answer her! Yes! You, the rightful spouse, the Seed that the friend gave, Will you forgive, and the pain and filth, Sweetheart? Answer us! Yes! For the delight of boundless, And without labor time, Husband, wife in the number of public, Give back, answer us ?! Yes! Anyone who wants, Without a number to give yourself, As a man wishes, Promise, spouse! Yes! Both hard and drunk, My wife and I embraced, In the overexcitation of the loins In the eternal sweetness merged.
I didn’t think, it didn’t seem, I couldn’t believe that I would step, Taking part in debaucher Not my wife’s, my own! And I will be the first in many of the series, Outpouring, with passion, in it! But I could not.
not to be with his wife, Burning in the passion of love, He knew that later I would give in a circle, But there was no dirt in the blood.
After all, he knew that sooner or later he would be brought up by Vovka, cheekily and ignoble. Sexy viedo live.

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