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Then she went to the toilet, dropped the pants down to her knees, sat down in a pot and started writing.
Somewhere in half a minute the woman’s bladder was devastated, and she began to push, trying to poop, but, except for a couple of loud pukas, she did not squeeze anything.
Drying herself with a piece of toilet paper, Anya got up, put on her panties and went to the bedroom where she was already sleeping on one bed and her husband Volodya was snoring loudly.

She sat next to another bed and waited for her sister to come in with an enema.
Alina, meanwhile, thoroughly washed the enema, then filled it almost to the brim with cool water, put some shampoo in there, and also brought it from the kitchen and poured a tablespoon of salt into the enema heater.
Everything is thoroughly stirred, she blew the air out of the hose and went into the bedroom to her sister, holding the enema device in her hands.
“Anya, get your pants down to your knees and lie on your left side! She ordered.
“Yes, now,” answered the sister, slowly rose to her feet and began to lower the panties down.
“I will unfasten the bra so that it is easier to endure,” she added and put her hands on the bra.
Alina, in turn, took the same tube of cream and smeared the contents of the enema with its contents.
“Lie facing the wall, sister, and press your legs as tight as possible to the stomach!” she ordered.
Anya reluctantly climbed onto the bed, turned on her left side and began to pull her legs to her stomach.
“Closer, closer, and then the asshole as it should not be revealed!” , commanded Alina. Spy lesbian cam.

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