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I was pressed into the back panel of the table, in front of my eyes I hung with a wrenched, but still a huge fighter of my Master.
I licked it.
“Why don’t you answer my calls?” – I heard my wife’s voice.

“I had a meeting,” answered the Boss.
From under the table, I heard his frightened voice.
The timbre was higher and thinner, how did he fear this bitch ?! – Does the meeting mean more to you than our family life ?! Did you forget that we had to go to the doctor? “Good, good, honey.”
We go to him.
Once again I licked the Boss member.
They continued to curse, and the fighter hung in front of me so sad, wilted, and just asked him to caress.
I took his lips, clutching his mouth and began to suck him gently.
The fighter immediately responded and began to swell in my mouth.
The owner tried to pull his hand out of my mouth.
I didn’t let him go.
The wife was still shouting indignantly.
The chief continued to make excuses.
I began to

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suck his swollen penis, moving my head, finally the boss managed to take his swollen penis out of my mouth, and I hit my head on the table.
– What is it? – I heard my wife’s voice.
The sound of her heels approached the table.
– What are you doing there?! I had to boss that my wife did not see me, move away from the table.
A member of the chief was sent to his wife, on first alert.
– Oh, you jerk off? – She said – that’s why you do not want me? So we don’t need a doctor? And I thought so, I even thought that you had someone.
Although of course it’s funny.
Only you can fuck with me.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that my wife took off her panties and sat down in front of the Boss on the table.

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“Lick me,” she said in a commanding voice.
I heard some rumble on the table, apparently this bitch lay on the table.
– Come on, why are you slow?
I said – lick my pussy, if you get out well, I may be letting you put your monster inside me.
The owner began to lick her, at the same time he fumbled with his hand under the table, trying to catch my hair.
I was dodging.
Finally, he succeeded.
He grabbed my hair and pulled me into a chair.
He began to poke a member in my face, trying to shove it in my mouth.
I did not want to help him satisfy his bitch, I tightly tightened my lips, then he grabbed my mouth with one hand, the other began to push a finger between his teeth.
I bit his finger.
“Bitch,” shouted the chef.
He clearly did not expect me to bite him.
– Who is a bitch? I? – said wife.
I heard the sound of a slap in the face – you are a bitch, and well, lick me up deliciously, that you are crawling.
And then I thought that it was not so long to fly from work towards my native Sakhalin.
() I’ll have to help my boss.
I licked the head of a member of my Boss, once, twice, then with my lips gently took it in my mouth and began to suck.
The fighter stood up and saluted, he obviously loved me.
This bitch wife moaned harder, it seems that my owner relish her licking.
With one hand he held my head and fucked me under the table in his mouth, the other, apparently, was busy with his wife’s pussy, which lay on the table above me.
She moaned louder and louder, my boss was furiously pushing me onto his fighter.
I even choked a bit, the dick was stuffed into my throat, right up to my balls, and finally the Boss roared like a wounded bear and broke into a stream of sperm right in my throat.
I did not have time to swallow, because there was so much of it, didn’t my milk contribute to this amount of sperm? – What are you, finished? – asked his wife in surprise.
– Yes.
– What you think you are? And I? – Well, really sweet, forgive me, could not resist.
Let me see more.
– Moron.
My legs stood in front of me, if she suddenly leaned over, deciding to ask where he had finished her husband, she would see me.
I pressed hard against the back of the table.
– And where did you finish? – I heard the surprised voice of my wife. Video foxxxyalize camtube co.

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