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Ilana tried to bring as much pleasure as possible to her unwitting mistress, but she herself was surprised to feel that she had “flowed”.
The perineum was moistened with juices secreted by her own body.
With each movement in the lower abdomen began to squish, breasts stiffened and ached.

But it was a completely different feeling, pleasant and sweet.
The whole body shook convulsions, forcing the young slave to moan softly.

Her nostrils widened, her eyes rolled back, and for the first time during her stay in this captivity, Ilana experienced a strong orgasm, which deprived her of her strength.
Slave slipped with her partner and calmed down, closing her eyes.
She lay quietly on her side and smiled, but no one could see that happy smile.
A slave helmet and an overlay covered her entire face.
Only the eyes shone with a completely different look.
Both slaves clung to each other and soon fell into a deep sleep.
Three days, while their Mistress was away, the girls, left to their own devices, caressed and nezhilis, trying to give each other maximum pleasure.

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The girls did not bother with unnecessary worries, and performed only the most minimal range of duties.
And the slaves, left alone, indulged in pleasures, from which they experienced strong pleasure.
But this idyll came to an end.
One afternoon, when, “kissing”, the slaves lay carelessly on their huge bed, pressing their bodies to each other, the door opened with a bang, and Marianna flew into the room like an arrow shot from a bow.
She stood before the bed and put her hands on her hips, for a couple of minutes she silently examined the captives, then strained through her teeth: “Do you have fun?” Boys wanted? Will you boys! Turning in high heels, the hostess left the room, slamming the door loudly.
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