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She very often spun with other children near the parking lot near the house.
But what happened a couple of weeks later, I could not predict.
I return from work and meet Dasha, who is sitting on the steps opposite the door of her apartment with a sad expression on her face.

As it turned out, she forgot the keys at home when she left for school and now she could not get home.
But her mother, Vika, comes back two hours later.
I suggested she wait with me.
I had no thoughts on her account, but I did not miss her strange look.
With a strange premonition of impending disaster, I invited this ten-year-old creature to my home.
– Relax and go to the kitchen.
I’ll cook for you now.
– I said to Dasha, throwing off her jacket.
– Yeah.
– She said.
Quickly removing her street clothes, she first jumped into the toilet and only after that went into the kitchen.
However, for some reason she took off her warm tights.
At that time I managed to change into home clothes and warmed up the cooked borscht yesterday.
I was immediately strained by the silence of Dasha. Webcam anal teen ass.

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