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She began to cheat him, quite skillfully, to a tee, as I do this myself, doing onanism.
Then I, emboldened, put her palm on her pubis.
Zina spread her knees apart, revealing all her secrets and letting my fingers get inside.

I felt the delicate skin of the labia minora and the moisture oozing from there.
All my attention was focused on the Zina’s charms, and suddenly I felt that the head of my penis was no longer squeezed by fingers, but something soft, warm and moist.
Looking there, I saw that my dick was almost entirely in Zina’s mouth.
And again, awkwardness and shame almost made him shrink, but pleasant bliss took over – he strained to the utmost.
Zina sucked him like a lollipop, pressing her tongue to the palate, and I, giving myself to the sensations that were overwhelming me, caressed her pussy with my fingers, and something pushed me to do to her the very thing that she was doing to me now.
I removed my hand and brought my face close to the excited and thirsty vulva bleeding.
As if sensing my intentions, Zina spread her knees even wider, lifting one leg and the other stretched.
I touched my tongue to the top corner of the open slot.
My nose caught the exciting smell of her genitals.
Spicy smell of sea grass and poplar buds.
I held the tongue below, deepening it between the labia in the gelatinous-soft tenderness of the hot bosom.
Zina gave way to my tongue, not letting my cock out of my mouth.
I ran my tongue back to the upper corner of the crack and, judging because Zina started, she decided that caressing her in this place gave her the greatest pleasure.

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I made the language of circular movements around a solid tubercle.
Zina shuddered from time to time and more furiously sucked my dick.
I felt her fingers groping for my balls.
I pressed my lips tightly against Zina’s sex lips and tried to suck everything inside between them.
In was ready to finish, but Zina interrupted my sweet flour.
She rose and lay her head to my head, legs spread wide.
– Come on, – she pulled me over.
I settled between her legs and a hand sent a member of the expiring juices vagina.
“So here it is! – joyful awareness flashed through my head.
“Am I really fucking ?!” Zina often gasped and twitched convulsively.
From my dick into her seed began to break.
When I woke up, it was already light.
Zina was not around.
Baba Nyura was heating the stove.
– Awoke? – whether she asked, or she stated in a somewhat grumbling tone.
I wonder if she guessed what we did with Zina? I’ve got ashamed.
I blushed and, trying not to look at the woman Nyura, quickly dressed and went out into the yard.
Chickens were running around the yard.
In one of the sheds the door was ajar.
From there came the ringing sounds of milk pouring into the hearth.
There, on a low stool, sat Zina, with her back to the door, and milked the cow.
Her hands were pulling out the udder, the milk streamed in the hearth.
For some reason I remembered how these hands

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caressed my dick.
Perhaps, from milking a cow she has such a “professional” skill in dealing with a member? I walked past, trying not to notice Zina.
Why was I ashamed of her? I do not know.
Dad was washing his water barrel.
Uncle Fedya went to the village before dawn.
We had breakfast cottage cheese with fresh milk.
All this time I hid my eyes and was silent.
My father was even afraid that I was sick.
“The young ones have a little pain – to climb to someone,” grumbled Baba Nyura.
I blushed even more, and Zina silently collected the dishes and brought out the yard to wash.
“And the fig, these hints?” – I thought.
– she put us together.
“I heard the noise of the engine. Young cam couple orgasm.

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