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Then Sergey raised me from my knees and put me on cancer.
My hands rested on the bench seat.
I felt like something solid, rests on my ass, and after a while comes in there.

I moaned because it hurt a little.
After several movements, the pain receded and I closed my eyes and began to enjoy myself.
Soon I realized that I wanted to implant myself deeper on the penis and involuntarily began to flinch at him.
After a while he finished in my ass.
Then Maxim got attached, he fucked me in the vagina.
At the same time, Sergei fucked me in the mouth.
We all finished at once.
And Sergey let me down in the face.
It was already deep night.
After they pulled the members off me.
I licked them, and was surprised! Since I really wanted to feel them in my holes.
When I licked, the conversation took place: Good bitch! Yes.
Sin omit! And why lower, let’s take it to our country house.
And what! This is a thought.
After that, they took me in the nude, with sperm on my face, in my car.
There Sergey together with me sat in the

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back seat.
Max on the driver.
And we went.
Probably from fatigue, and maybe from sex, but my eyes began to stick together, and soon I fell asleep on Sergey’s shoulder.
I went to meet new life and new sensations!
Many people ask why I am constantly fixated on this? Yes, I really love sex! Sex with a human face! Sex, so that in the morning you should not be ashamed of spending the night with her! I met her on the beach, she sunbathed the top of the forest and I just liked her breasts and that was quite enough, besides, she still had a slim figure and a pretty face.

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I threw my towel next to her and just started talking to her, as if I had known her all my life, at first it shocked her, but in the end, three hours later, we sat in one of the local diners.
After a bottle of wine and a light dinner, we went for a walk along the beach and without noticing we wandered into the deserted part of it.
And then she struck me she.
“And let’s go swimming, just mind you, without clothes!” I certainly could not refuse this offer and I felt that everything in my pants was swelling, I even felt a little ashamed! She quickly dropped her top and short skirt, and opened even more beautiful than the day.
Her nipples are already swollen and her crotch just drove me crazy, he was neatly shaved in the shape of a heart.
That’s how I stood with a sagging jaw and swelling fly.
“What are you staring at undressing come on and go swimming!” – She led me out of a stupor.
I quickly took off my clothes and walked over to her.
Now she was a little surprised to see the size of my toy, but not that it was very large but quite impressive in size.
I hugged her and we went into the water, she gently touched me with her hips, and it drove me crazy.
We went into the water and it slightly cooled my desire, but each time I touched it, the desire flashed with a new force.
When we left we settled down on the warm grass that had not yet cooled down after a hot day and her body was especially beautiful in the moon rays.
We started talking about something again, but the topic of conversation was already barely visible.
Her hand gently slid over my body and confidently stopped in the lower abdomen, when she squeezed him in her gentle hands, I could no longer wait, I turned and kissed her. Adult live chat.

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