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But Larisa turned on the light, and I froze, rooted to the spot.
A perfectly naked woman was lying on our rack.
The mulatto with skin the color of coffee with milk and long strands of blue-black.

My dumbfounded glance slid across her full thighs, luxurious buttocks, a clearly defined spine line, settled on an elegant tattoo under the left shoulder blade, and the events of almost a year ago were helpfully remembered.
Meet the New Year in our club.
The chimes had just been heard, everyone was excitedly excited, the crowd was eager for “bread and circuses.”
Especially spectacles.
Larisa and I did not participate in the show, limiting ourselves to passive observation (however, it seemed to me that she was absent for too long, allegedly leaving the toilet).
And there was something to see.
In particular, Anya, who was now meekly reclining in front of me, was securely bound hand and foot.
Then there was her debut in our club.
No one knew where she came from and where she disappeared.
But she was clearly in the club, and it was strictly forbidden to make inquiries about his members.
And Anya showed such a class that it would not be a sin to violate this prescription (but not to me, of course).

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But how many times I dreamed of her gorgeous body, once again scrolling through the memory of what I saw that night! Then she appeared before the crowd, dressed in elegant lace white underwear, sharply stood out on her dark body

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She was showered with sparkles, after which she began to languidly sway and wriggle to some kind of hot melody.
In the hall they turned down the light, and this beauty, as if coming out of the jungle of Africa yesterday, began to very frankly stroke herself in intimate parts.
Everyone decided that the striptease would start now and was greeted with approving shouts and whistling, but the events took a different turn.
From four sides, four young men naked to the waist approached her.
All of them were like a selection: tall, taller than her head, with molten muscles.
Having surrounded Anya, they began to free her from a few clothes with skillful slow movements.
Mulatochka responded to their actions in the most active way, in turn clinging to each of them and trying to kiss her lips, but they dodged her.
The light became brighter again.
In the center of the stage, something moved, and a huge structure came out from under the floor, with two tall pillars on which leather straps hung.
Mulatochka, seeing what fate she was preparing for, began to persuade her executioners with unfeigned horror, but they inexorably pushed her toward him.
Then she fell to her knees in front of one of them and with a sharp movement pulled down his black spacious pants.
The released member of impressive size swayed invitingly in front of her plump lips. Best adult cam chat.

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