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I hope you are not a virgin? – He asked, joining behind.
– Of course not.
Is it possible not to respect a man in such a way as to insult him with virginity? – And this is an insult? – Of course.

Now in the virgins go or frigid, or useless complete fools.
“An interesting idea, although not indisputable,” he concluded, inserting his “Well done” into the round hole.
“I started with anal.
We will work together with this, ”Masha mentally summed up, making buttocks, for which the chief grabbed, circular movements.
She knew that the men, who often flooded her, were burning precisely on this movement of her seductive ass, and immediately drained their condensate into her hole.
And then she subtly mocked them, urging them to continue the process, which they simply could not do.
And when the kobelek jumped off this sly bitch, Masha did not reproach him, fearing to offend, but only said gently, caressing: – Do not worry.
Now let’s rest and continue.
But now the situation was such that this young, reddish man, apparently, was not going to quickly merge.
He worked evenly, like a fuel pump in a boiler room, where Masha once said goodbye to virginity.
His uniform, touch, publishing familiar “Smack! Smack! Smack!, Stuck to her bottom and then they got stuck, promising prolonged sex during not only the lunch break.
“What to do? Give orgasm and surrender to the mercy of the winner? It’s not good for the boss

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to be defeated, ”decided Masha, and so quickly earned herself with a pelvis that she became frightened.

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org) She did not see the man’s face, but she knew that it was now distorted from an incredible sense of sensuality, which it’s not recommended for a woman to not insult a man who signs in her sexual impotence to overcome this young but already naughty sex girl.
– Oh! Ay! Wow! – Masha howled like a wolf calling to a wolf for bonding.
“Oh! How I threw her! You will know, slut, with some man contacted! “- cheered the chef, descending, and not realizing that the girl imitates orgasm.
“You are the first of the men to roll me so hard,” Masha turned to him, wiping the drops of sweat on her forehead.
– And you are not a real “Horse” A? – chef squinted slyly.
– But you are a real stallion of excellent stables.
I haven’t had them yet, – she poured him a sycophus pill.
“Has it leaked or not?” I will check.
If not, then I will drive him to hell now! ”, The chief thought and planted two fingers that were most suitable for this purpose in her Pussy.
But an experienced girl, as if she was waiting for this, and it was this movement of the male hand that caused an orgasm that plentifully wetted his hand.
– The first?! – the chef winked slyly.
But the inner voice made her say: – Second, dear! Do you make such a waterfall with one orgasm ?! She grinned, wetting his feet.
“You broke me completely,” she pressed against his lips and dug into them like a leech.
With all his sexual experience, the chef was never able to distinguish the wet orgasm that this sly girl bestowed on him from the usual one.
– Let’s?! – he decided to provoke her in order to make sure that she was right.
– Not! Not now.
Rest for a bit.
You know that if you eat honey with a spoon, it turns into crap.
And you tore me so hard that I could hardly stand, ”she said and began to dress.
He smiled smugly, like a cat that ate master sour cream.
– Good.
Go to the personnel officer.
You passed the secretary exam.
Let him bring me an order to sign.
And so that you have a more imposing appearance, – he took the bra off the portrait and, stretching it to her, added, – say, to pay you a lift. Best indian nude model.

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