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A member stood by me, I did not know where to put myself from embarrassment.
Then, squinting at him, I saw that his pants were also bulging, and quite strongly.
what thoughts owned me at that moment, it is better not to remember.

in the intervals between the orgies on the screen, he proposed for some time to disperse into different rooms, “to comprehend what he had looked at.”
I jokingly offered to help him do it, he, also jokingly agreed.
When I unzipped his fly, we were both red with embarrassment, but it was too late to retreat, and besides, I was thirsty for that.
I jerked him off and he pulled me straight into my hand.
When we watched the movie, which, by the way, ended up with just a great blowjob, I offered to do the same to him, saying that there was nothing wrong with that, and he would not turn blue.

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I really liked the taste of sperm, and he was just in awe of everything he experienced.
Both were embarrassed, but this did not stop the friendship.
In those holidays, we met three more times, and each time I sucked him.
Then, during the school year, and we sat with him at the same desk, both of us were embarrassed, thought that everyone knew about our secret, but this did not prevent the rare meetings.
And so, in the spring, during the holidays, I once came to him.
All that quarter, I just burned with desire, furiously rasshali his ass, just could not tolerate.
After the blowjob, I offered him to fuck me.
I said that I want this myself, and at the same time he will try what it is, especially since both of us were virgins.
After quite some persuasion, he agreed.

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There was nobody at home, we climbed over to his sister, took her jeans and a blouse and went to his room.
When I undressed, and he saw that I was in panties and a bra, to say that he was surprised means to say nothing.
Then I admitted that I had a trance for a long time.
He told me that after those blowjobs, I also often thought about how we could fuck together.
I changed into my sister’s clothes, he turned on the music and we sat on the couch.
When his hand began to crawl on my knee and above.
I finally felt what it means to feel like a girl.
he slowly began to unbutton my fly, and I worked on it.
Then we pulled together everything that hindered us, and he remained in his underpants, I in the bodice and little white panties.
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