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The work carried out by the tutor gave the result.
Alex wanted this himself.
Now – Hole, we will adjust your tool to our needs, and continue to teach your ass to have fun, because when you work everything should be real, no hack.

You will scream and squirm under our clients from real pleasure.
You’ll cum from orgasms and ask to fuck you more.
Believe I will make you a subject for pleasure.
Well, sit down yourself.
And with these words, the teacher pressed on the anus ring with a phallus.
Alex leaned back and dull pain spread her sphincter and penetrated inside.
What it is? Alex twitched and screamed.
Quiet quiet.
Now let go.
The phallus was larger than the one he was used to, and filled all the space in his ass.
We must suffer, we need to stretch you a little.
You do not want to be torn Hole.
We will teach your ass to accessibility, it will allow to take you immediately and at any time.
Without work, your ass will feel emptiness, you will miss the Hole member.
The teacher laughed again.
For several days, the anus stretched the new phallus, and the teacher’s vibrator almost never touched Alex’s cock.
Only when the phallus came at the beginning and when he began to move actively, the mentor sometimes touched the penis, but even this was no longer necessary, Alex got so used to anal caresses that everything that the mentor did to him caused him to desire.
The only thing that prevented him from accepting his position was the

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thought that he should not like it, that it was wrong.

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In his memory, he still felt himself capable of being on top.
One day, the mentor entered the room in an extremely good mood.
– -What is the hole already flowing? She asked.
Alex really, to his shame, remarked that the last time a lubricant had been released from him at the thought that he would be taken again.
Go ahead, you’re almost ready.
Now the most important thing.
Mentor put Alex on all fours. Today we begin our last lesson.
I have already told you that the main thing is not your gender, but what is in your head.
There are dominant, as a rule, these are men, and there are those who submit, as a rule, women.
But this is a fallacy, a stereotype invented.
If you break your habitual perception, then you can make a wonderful Hole.
You know how to listen to commands, your ass is ready to accept all that is necessary, you like it, but you do not have the main thing.
There are still foolish thoughts in your head, they prevent you from giving in to the present.
To surrender is to give oneself in use, to accept everything, to enjoy one’s will and submission and to accept submission.
The reward will be the pleasure previously unavailable due to stupid rules.
Today I will break the last remnant of your perception in you.
Today you will become a real hole.
For use.
Without will, without thoughts, only your ass will control you.
For this, I will have to change your position.
Your sexual status.
You will be the host.
How? Now you find out.
With these words, the mentor began to caress Alex’s anus.
From today and on, we will not need artificial lubricant, because you are almost at work, she said with a smirk.
Welcome to the island! She put something in the anus shallow and immediately pulled out.
Alex did not understand what it was, but he felt something warm and humid.
Perhaps lubricant thought Alex.
Wait a minute so much, said Mentor.
Feel the difference.
Mentor came back and smoothly with pressure, in one motion and to the end entered Alex’s ass.
The movements of the tutor were rhythmic, the phallus slid along the walls causing them to shrink from pleasure. Bigo live sexy indonesia.

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